2019–2020 Mentorship Program Draws Nearly 40 Participants


The Council was excited to welcome its largest ever cohort of mentors and mentees to the Mentorship Program. Nearly 40 staff from across the organization are tapping into this employee resource.

The Mentorship Program enables employees to explore professional and educational interests and gain one-on-one advice from experienced colleagues. It is sponsored by the Council and is open to employees at all levels and in all roles who have been employed at May one year or more.

The program requires mentors and mentees to meet at least one hour monthly, in person or by teleconference, for a period of nine months. Mentors and mentees agree on specific goals the mentees want to achieve. They develop an action plan and work towards attaining the set goals. Over the course of monthly meetings, the pairs continue to review and evaluate goals, measure progress, and discuss ways to help the mentees stay on track.

The Mentorship Program supports the Council’s mission of helping to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Research shows that mentoring offers developmental opportunities, and leads to increased retention, job satisfaction, and promotion.

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