Addressing developmental delays as early as possible can make a profound difference in a child’s life.


Our May Center for Early Intervention in western Massachusetts is funded through the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) and provides supports to children from birth to age 3. A child may be eligible for services if s/he has a developmental delay. This could mean that he or she is not saying many or any words; not sitting, crawling, or walking when expected; has a diagnosed disability such as Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, or autism; and/or lives in an environment that would put him or her at risk for developing delays.

Services provided may include:

  • Service coordination
  • Speech and language, physical, and occupational therapies
  • Play groups
  • Parent support
  • Advocacy

For children under the age of 3 with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, we also offer Specialty Services through our office in West Springfield, Mass. Learn more.

Our staff and program

Our program provides individualized services tailored to meet the needs of the child and provide training to help parents become “co-teachers” in the delivery of services.We employ highly trained professionals including:

  • Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapists
  • Licensed Social Worker
  • Bilingual Development Specialist (English/Spanish)

Promoting individual growth

Our services incorporate best practices in early childhood education, promoting individual growth through play in five areas of child development:

  1. Fine/Gross Motor: how I use my hands, or hands and eyes together and how I move my body
  2. Personal/Social: understanding feelings/relating to others
  3. Cognitive: understanding the world around you
  4. Communication: expressing yourself/understanding others
  5. Adaptive: doing things for yourself


Download the Early Intervention pdf here.

Download our Children's Services flyer here.



Location & Contacts

We serve families in Belchertown, Chicopee, Granby, Holyoke, Ludlow, Monson, Palmer, South Hadley, Southampton, and Ware.

For more information:
Nancy R. M. Lunden, LCSW/CEID  
413.734.0300 x212
1111 Elm Street, Suite #7 | West Springfield, MA 01089