Blake knows he has autism.

We’re not sure if he fully understands what that means, but he won’t let that stop him from dreaming like any other child.

Blake truly cares about, and is so in tune with, other people’s feelings. Last year on my birthday, Blake decided to plan a party for me without my knowing. He got everyone involved — his Dad, brother, and all his friends and teachers at the May Center School. He asked everyone to make cards for me, even his classmates who didn’t know me. He told his teacher he was worried since he loved mommy so much and wanted me to have a special day. I cried since it was so touching that he had such strong emotions, and the determination to make sure I was happy!

The fact that he cares about the happiness of others helps to break the stereotype that children with autism are not as connected emotionally.

- Jill, Blake’s mother



Unusually good, marvelous, admirable, exciting
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