Tina Boylston<br/ >2018 Trustees' Fund Award Recipient

Tina Boylston
2018 Trustees' Fund Award Recipient

Assistant Program Coordinator
May Center for Adult Services
Orange Park, Fla.

Tina is a truly valuable asset to May Institute and to her team at her group home in Florida.

Tina has selflessly volunteered to come in to fill open shifts, work countless double shifts, and assist her Program Coordinator with covering doctor and dental appointments on her off time. She worked innumerable hours during Hurricane Irma to make sure that the medically needy individuals who reside in her group home were taken care of and safe. Even during times of stressful medical situations within her own family, Tina has continued to rise above and beyond by working open shifts left vacant due to other employees’ health or family issues.

She has always gone the extra mile to lend her time and experience whenever and wherever it is needed. Tina fosters unwavering commitment by assisting new employees in navigating their new positions and always making new staff feel welcome and appreciated.

Tina is the true personification of an outstanding team player and the direct care staff management abilities they should possess. She manages to lead positive discussions even when meetings are challenging. Tina understands every person’s viewpoint and brings out the best in other employees through her actions and demonstration of managerial skills and knowledge.

Tina shows that she views the individuals in her care as not just a job, but part of her extended family, and ensures that they receive the best care. And she does everything with a smile!
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