Sangya Karkee

Sangya Karkee

Employee Spotlight Award Winner, Spring 2016!
Sangya is a Family Services Coordinator at the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in Randolph, Mass.

She began her career with the center as an Assistant Program Coordinator in February, 2011 and was promoted to Program Coordinator the following year in  2012 before transferring to the Family Services department in August, 2013.

Sangya’s supervisors and colleagues describe her as an “instrumental member" of the Family Services Department and the school. She is an exceptionally strong liaison between the school, families, and residential programs, where her prior experience as a Program Coordinator enables her to appreciate the various perspectives in any given situation, and to advocate on a family’s behalf while simultaneously supporting her team and navigating any challenges that may arise.

Her knowledge, professionalism, strong communication skills, and ability to work independently and adhere to deadlines are some of the many attributes her colleagues admire about Sangya.  In fact, her supervisors credit in part the overall decrease in unplanned student discharges and increase in parent satisfaction to Sangya’s ability to address parental concerns quickly and effectively. 

“Every day at the May is different. It keeps my day busy, interesting and challenging which has helped me grow immensely both professionally and personally. I feel very fortunate to be part of this very genuine, dedicated and passionate team of people whose end goal is providing the best service to the students we serve. I thoroughly love and enjoy what I do every day and I am lucky to be surrounded by supportive coworkers and supervisors.”
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