Paul J. Simeone, M.A., CCC-SLP

Paul J. Simeone, M.A., CCC-SLP

Director of Allied Health Services
May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities
Randolph, Massachusetts

Employee Spotlight Award Winner, Winter/Spring 2017

PJ does it all. He shows up to work early every morning with a smile on his face. He genuinely cares for each and every staff and student here. He is always more than willing to help out whether it be code team coverage, lunch coverage, or wherever help is needed. He does all of his assigned work as well as take on other projects. He is definitely one of the top people I think of when I think of what the May Center School stands for. He always goes above and beyond for everyone. He loves to get involved and he is a great role model. There are not enough words to describe how great PJ is!

He is one of the hardest working people I interact with on a daily basis. He is an amazing boss, and is always there to help out whenever he can. Whether it’s giving trainings, responding to codes, or covering lunches, he always has a positive attitude. On top of all that, he is an amazing Speech Language Pathologist! He supports all of the classes in all our buildings. He is truly one-of-a-kind and the May Center is lucky to have him.

PJ provides excellent in-services to staff and parents to maximize student communication, and uplifts staff by providing praise, encouragement, and constructive feedback. He is a standout member of the May Center School for not only his work performance, but for his ability to boost moral through his friendly demeanor, sense of humor, and spontaneous song-writing!

“I am sincerely honored to receive the spotlight award. This is especially true given the high quality and commitment of all of our staff who make it possible for our students to be successful. The Allied Health team, and the May Center team as a whole, are a group of passionate and committed people – they do their jobs with compassion, determination, humor, and unending support and care for our students.

It is no secret that I love my job! I am very lucky to do work that I find exciting, stimulating, and very important. There is always a creative and worthwhile project or initiative to engage in. I particularly love developing new service delivery systems and programs, problem-solving, and finding ways to ensure that our school provides the best possible services for our students.

I feel very grateful to have contact with every individual (staff and student) who is a member of our community and to work across all of the classrooms and departments. I love working with our students, developing relationships with them, seeing their individual strengths, and watching them achieve great things. My relationships with my colleagues are the icing on the cake – I feel energized by my interactions with my colleagues and enjoy walking into work every day.

I am excited about the progress that we've made in the Allied Health Department, as a school, and about the greater progress I know we will make in the future! Thank you again for this honor! Go Team May!”

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