Nydia Ruiz<br/ >2018 Trustees' Fund Award Recipient

Nydia Ruiz
2018 Trustees' Fund Award Recipient

Program Coordinator
May Center for Adult Services
Western Mass.

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In January of 2018, Nydia accepted the Program Coordinator position at one of May’s Western Massachusetts residences. She was the Program Coordinator at another location when her direct Supervisor and Residential Director asked her if she would consider taking on a challenging change. The program she had been running was doing extremely well due to Nydia’s hard work and dedication to the individuals. They explained that this would be a big project, with a great many issues to address. The program had been without a Program Coordinator, there were staffing issues, and fragile and complicated individuals to support.

To say Nydia was a bit hesitant to leave her successful program is an understatement. That said, given some time to think over the challenge being presented, and the needs of the individuals and staff, she made the decision to accept, and jumped on board.

In less than a year, her new program has been transformed. It has a homelike environment, a working garden in the back yard that the individuals help to care for, and equipment for outdoor activities. Residents enjoy barbeques, Christmas parties, birthday celebrations, and Halloween parties. Staff members are held to high standards regarding levels of care and professionalism, and Nydia facilitates meaningful communication between clinical supports and the staff on a regular basis. She has worked hard to build relationships with family members and guardians, and has created a real home for the individuals who live there.

Nydia is solid as a rock, sincere, and a joy to work with. She approaches every situation in a positive and solution-oriented way, and is an excellent example for those she works with. Nydia believes in the mission of May Institute and exemplifies it.
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