Janette Winterle<br/>2020 Exceptional Service Award Recipient

Janette Winterle
2020 Exceptional Service Award Recipient

Program Coordinator
May Center for Adult Services 
Western Mass.

Janette exemplifies the ideal of a working supervisor. She is as dedicated to her time in direct care as she is to her administrative duties, and she does all of it with an attitude of noticeable appreciation and joy. Janette is committed to the individuals she supports and to the staff with whom she works. She is the quintessential team player. Janette is the first person to offer support and come running when another Program Coordinator or program is in need. She goes above and beyond in her dedication to her peers, the staff she supervises, the individuals we support, and the May.

Janette is a teacher at heart and is creative and imaginative in her approach to her work. She goes out of her way to ensure that the individuals in her program celebrate every special occasion, birthday, and holiday in style. She makes it a priority to encourage camaraderie between programs, and consistently encourages group activities across programs, which can be very difficult to organize and pull off.

What I find most special about working with Janette is the positivity, love, peace, and grateful spirit she brings to every task, problem, interaction, and workday. I consider myself lucky to have her on the Western Mass. team, and believe wholeheartedly that she is more than deserving of this recognition.
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