Ernest Jones

Ernest Jones

May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities
Randolph, Massachusetts

The Employee Recognition & Appreciation committee congratulates Ernest Jones for being selected for an Employee Spotlight Award in the Spring of 2021! The award recognizes the exceptional contributions of May employees. Winners are nominated by their colleagues, managers, and supervisors from across the organization. 

Ernest has been an employee at the May Center School for several years and has been a member of the school staff input committee for over two years. He has provided great insight and feedback about student services, morale, and systems at the school and residences. His input has helped drive changes at the programs and he has been a strong advocate for supporting the most current evidence-based clinical approaches and promoting student rights, assent, and choice. During the school closure, he was integral at one of the homes, ensuring IEP programming continued without any lapse of services and supporting the nine students living there both academically and emotionally since many new restrictions were in place including parent visitation. He is a strong presence at the May in both the school and residential programs, with experience working as a morning run shift leader, the intensive behavior core, and core E covering some classroom teacher responsibilities. He is a leader amongst his peers.

Here’s what Ernest said winning the Employee Spotlight Award means to him:

"I love seeing my students learn and apply new skills to their day. I appreciate this award and it feels good to be appreciated by the people I work with."
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