Carol Paradis<br/ >2017 Trustees' Fund Award Recipient

Carol Paradis
2017 Trustees' Fund Award Recipient

Program Coordinator May Center for Adult Services
Eastern Massachusetts

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Carol started out with May Institute almost 15 years ago at a program in Weymouth that served individuals with various mental health issues. Early on, it was apparent that Carol was caring, compassionate and professional. When that program closed in 2010, Carol was reassigned to a residential program in Randolph. Although this program was much different than her previous one, Carol readily accepted the challenge and hit the ground running.

This program has older individuals with more complex medical needs requiring careful attention to detail and a solid level of organization. Carol possesses both of these qualities. Continuing on with her usual caring style, she ensured all the complex medical needs of the individuals were met consistently. Over a couple of years, Carol turned the program around.

When a neighboring program needed a Program Coordinator, it was decided that Carol would oversee both programs. We had high confidence in Carol’s skills and abilities, so we knew she could handle it. For more than three years, Carol ran both programs successfully. Between managing the medical needs and behavioral needs of the individuals, and the amount of staffing required, Carol stepped up and showed that she is capable of taking on the task. She ensured that the individuals in both programs were getting out more into the community, attending different functions, and enjoying a good quality of life. After that point, the team decided it would be more effective and beneficial to have Carol oversee just one program.

Through the years, Carol has done a fantastic job with the individuals and the staff. If any problems arise, she is quick to act and seek help from her supervisor or above. Her staff respect her very much and look to her for her leadership and guidance. Carol is a strong manager and is deserving of recognition.
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