Camille Jones

Camille Jones

Program Supervisor, May Center for ABA Services, North Carolina
Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville, Wilmington, and surrounding areas

Employee Spotlight Award Winner, Fall 2017

Camille completed her graduate internship at this location and has worked as a Behavior Analyst for more than four years. During this time, Camille has grown into an independent and creative therapist and supervisor who is beloved by all of our staff. Camille is dedicated to her clients’ success as well as the success of the staff that she supervises. She assists the leadership in the office with ensuring authorizations are in on time for her clients and ensuring all reports and documentation are submitted in a timely manner.

She understands the fundamentals of behavior analysis and implements evidence based programming of the highest quality as a therapist and supervisor. During January of 2017, Camille took on a leadership role at our office in heading up our early intervention center-based programming which is the first program our office in North Carolina has offered. Furthermore, Camille will be expanding this program in March. Camille is truly a great employee, supervisor and therapist as she is always changing the lives and shaping the futures of all of the families she serves!

"I am so thrilled to have won the spotlight award.  It means that my effort to provide quality services to the clients I have served and continue to service has not, and has never gone unnoticed by my supervisors.  I enjoy so many aspects of my job, but one of my favorite parts is watching a child learn how to functionally request items in their environment."
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