May Institute

About May Institute

May Institute is an award-winning nonprofit organization that provides educational, rehabilitative, and behavioral healthcare services to individuals with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities, brain injury, mental illness, and behavioral health needs. The Institute also provides training and consultation services to professionals, organizations, and public school systems.

The organization is one of the largest and most well-respected providers of services and special education schools for children and adults with autism and other special needs in Massachusetts and in the U.S.

Since its founding nearly 60 years ago, May Institute has evolved into a national network that serves thousands of individuals and their families annually. With corporate headquarters in Randolph, Mass., the Institute operates more than 160 service locations in more than a dozen states across the country.

Our Mission — Excellence in Service, Training & Research

May Institute is a nonprofit organization that provides educational and rehabilitative services for individuals, and families of individuals, with autism, developmental disabilities, neurological and behavioral disorders, and mental illness. We conduct and disseminate the results of research concerning the education and rehabilitation of these individuals. We also train and consult with professionals and organizations serving these individuals.

Our Vision

We work to provide the highest possible standard of behavioral healthcare, education, and rehabilitation. We care deeply about each person we serve and about each other as professionals. We seek to continually learn and apply best practices and to share our knowledge. Our Centers reflect the May Institute’s core values: fairness, diversity, accountability, and results. Together, we work to create new and more effective ways to meet the special needs of individuals and families in our numerous services locations.