May Institute

Parent Education and Family Support (Mass.)

When a child is diagnosed with ASD, the entire family is affected. For military families, the difficulties presented by a diagnosis are often exacerbated when a spouse is away for extended periods of time, when transfers create abrupt changes in daily routines and, most of all, when effective services are not accessible.

Through our home-based therapy, we help families develop essential skills that enable them to provide support for their children and to effectively manage complicated lives.

We also offer an education series designed for parents of children and adolescents diagnosed with an ASD. The series provides critical information about ASD diagnosis, treatment options, and effective services.

At the May Center for Autism Spectrum Disorder in Massachusetts, we also offer a broad range of therapeutic and support services to families of children with autism. These services help families as they cope with issues such as stress, grief, depression, anxiety, guilt, marital distress, and sibling issues — which can be experienced by families following a diagnosis.