May Institute

A Tradition of Supporting Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Since it was founded almost six decades ago, May Institute has been a pioneer in developing programming for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities.

In 1955, Dr. Jacques and Marie-Anne May founded one of the first community-based schools in the world for children on the spectrum. This ground-breaking school became the first in May Institute’s national network of programs renowned for their exceptional treatment and compassionate care for children with autism.

In the 1970s, May Institute was at the forefront of developing community-based systems of care for adults with developmental disabilities who had long been institutionalized.

Through the 80s, 90s, and into the new millennium, May Institute became a recognized leader in advancing the field through services, training, and research. We trained over 15,000 teachers, as well as professionals from more that 25 countries. We published over 350 books, chapters, and articles, and presented at over 1,600 national and international conferences.

Today, we continue our tradition of service to underserved populations through our outreach to military dependents. Fewer than 10 percent of military children with autism are receiving the services they desperately need. A worldwide shortage of qualified providers and the lack of professional resources near installations mean that many of these children are growing up without the treatment and care that can dramatically change their lives.

May Institute is committed to changing this situation, and we are proud to serve the military families who do so much to serve our nation.