Vision Boards Help Personalities Shine!


Everyone has wishes and goals in life. And that is certainly true for the wonderful adults in our care. At our Day Habilitation program on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, the staff has helped individuals express those hopes and dreams in a fabulous vision board project.

It starts with finding the necessary ingredients – images and illustrations expressing those visions. The individuals start by eagerly flipping through magazines and packs of stickers, looking for photos of their favorite things. After searching for the right bits, they find they have a stack of images to share. The group fills their work table with pictures of family, places, animals, movies, cars, cartoons, homes, books, numbers, and games, just to name a few! The spectrum of wants and hopes is expansive as well as personal. 

Their collages start to take shape as they glue each image to their poster boards. The boards reflect so much about what each person values and hopes for.

“It was such a great feeling and one of appreciation when members looked across at the collages they made,” said Director Nancy Gailor. “What a positive and uplifting moment!”

See all the photos in our Flickr album.