Tayla Knocks it out of the Park for a Student


We are grateful when professionals in the community take the time to reflect on their experiences with our staff. Here is a note we recently received.

"I want to recognize May Institute staff member Tayla Miller*, who visited with one of our patients recently. Two of your staff members accompanied the patient to our hospital, but due to COVID-19 and mom’s presence, only one could stay. Tayla was the one who stayed with the patient, and she went above and beyond for both the patient and the mother. She sat there and listened with empathy to the mother's worries and concerns. It was very obvious how passionate she is about working with the autism population, and how she wanted to provide the best experience she could for the patient and family. I cannot express enough how amazing Tayla was! I hope she is recognized for her passion and dedication." — Certified Child Life Specialist

(*Tayla is an in-class counselor at the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in Randolph, Mass.)