Students Use Virtual Reality to Celebrate Dr. King’s Legacy and Share Their Dreams



During January, May Center students learned about and celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 
After reading stories about Dr. King and learning about his life and work, students watched videos of him on the SMARTboard, including his famous “I have a dream” speech. Students then wrote “I have a dream” speeches of their own about their visions, hopes, and dreams for the world. Each used virtual reality (VR) to practice giving their speech.  

“Practicing speeches in VR was fun and safe,” said Roba Hrisseh, Technology Teacher at the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in Randolph, Mass. “Students felt free to express themselves and didn't have to worry about being embarrassed talking to a group of people because VR isn't real, though it looks real.” 

While in VR, students practiced greeting the audience, introducing themselves, and talking about Dr. King and their dreams and desires. Some students spoke about and wished for peace, equality, and happiness. Others hoped for a good New Year, great summer, peace for their friends and family, and safety for places around the world like Australia (fires) and Puerto Rico (earthquake). They also wished for yummy food and snacks, of course! 

Each student ended the lesson by proudly thanking their VR audience for listening to their speech.  

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