Planning to Celebrate Our 65th Anniversary


Just a month ago, we were actively making plans at May Institute to mark our organization’s 65th anniversary. We couldn’t wait to celebrate throughout our anniversary weekend.

Sixty-five years today, our founders opened the doors to our first school for children with autism and other special needs. It was one of the first such schools in the country, and we are immensely proud of how the organization has grown over the years to meet the needs of more and more individuals and families.

It feels strange to be celebrating while the world is dealing with an unprecedented pandemic that has brought life as we know it to a virtual standstill. So we are marking this milestone by expressing our thanks to ALL of the people who have worked with us over the years, whose skill, energy, hope, compassion, and love breath life into May Institute.

Today, and throughout our anniversary month, we invite you to share your stories, memories, and pictures of kindness and hope at May. We will gather them here and via email, and will share them with our community. Post them here, or email to 

As we have been saying during these past few weeks, there has never been a more important time to be kind to each other. Thank you so much for being part of our community.