Meet Kevonne and Laura!


Newlyweds Kevonne Nurse, an Assistant Director of Residential Services in the May Center for Adult Services in Eastern Massachusetts, and his wife, Laura, discuss Loving v. Virginia with us. They share their thoughts about the impact of the Lovings on their marriage, and the significance, love, and beauty of their union.

What are your thoughts about the case of Loving v. Virginia?

The first thing I (Kevonne) think about when revisiting the case of Loving v. Virginia is how recently this occurred and the fact that this mindset still exists within our society. Virginia’s argument was based on white supremacy. These beliefs are still prevalent and are bringing in a new-age form of discrimination that goes by the ideologies of the great replacement theory.

What have you both appreciated most about being in an interracial relationship?

We appreciate that for us, our relationship is like any other. Our relationship is solely based on our love for each other. We are able to learn from each other’s life experiences from our own perspectives.

As an interracial couple, how do you deal with the challenges you face?

One challenge is, of course, realizing the biases of some people. We may learn about others’ mindsets when they unwittingly share their points of view, without knowing that we are in an interracial relationship. We deal with challenges by not taking things personally and educating ourselves about our own implicit biases, while using those opportunities to educate others.

The impact of the Lovings on your union is significant. What if their efforts didn’t bring about the freedom to marry whomever one chooses?

We appreciate what the Lovings accomplished that now gives us the freedom to be married, without fear or prosecution. We truly believe that we have found our soulmate in one another. It would be devastating if there were any obstacles keeping us from being together. We would hope that if we had to go through the same adversity, that we would have the strength and resilience to stand up for what we believe in and for our love.