Imelda DeYoung Celebrates 25 Years at May!


Imelda works as a Program Coordinator for the May Center for Adult Services in eastern Massachusetts. We asked her to tell us about her relationship with the individuals in her care and about the staff she oversees.

“It’s a love that’s so genuine… my job and the individuals in the residence. They are a part of my family, and my life. I enjoy talking with my guys. It lightens up my day. Sometimes if I’m quietly working away in the office, they will come to check that I’m okay.

When I’m home, I think about what I am going to do in the morning with them. If one of them is sick, I find myself calling in the middle of the night to check in. When I’m on vacation, I call to check on them. I take them to lunch after doctor’s appointments. It’s our tradition. We just have a very special bond.

The pandemic has caused me worry. My guys are elderly, and I think about them and keeping them safe. My priority is their needs and those of my staff.
I work with a wonderful team that goes above and beyond. They put their heart and soul into their job. I enjoy mentoring and training them. I want to see them advance and succeed.

Many years ago I was a bartender, a good one I might add. But, this is a job that I feel I do extremely well! I love it here. Can you imagine me ever retiring?”

Congrats, Imelda, and THANK YOU!!