In-home Behavioral Health Services Provide Much-needed Support


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the necessity to stay at home, parents and guardians across Massachusetts and beyond are discovering how challenging it can be to take on the roles of teacher, healthcare provider, therapist, and playmate in addition to their usual roles and responsibilities.
No one understands these challenges better than John and Michael, grandparents of 11-year-old Zachariah who had been hospitalized to receive services for behavioral health issues. Zachariah was recently released to their care because the hospital was preparing for an influx of COVID-19 patients.
This was cause for concern because John and Michael weren't sure the boy would be successful at home at that time. Could they obtain the support they needed to provide Zachariah with the services he needed outside the hospital setting?

Before his hospitalization, the family had been receiving just a few hours a week of in-home services from May Institute consultants. They wondered if those few hours would be enough.
When Zachariah transitioned back home, May Institute requested significantly more hours to provide the family with necessary services. Fortunately, MassHealth recognized that families like theirs may need more support during the COVID-19 crisis and granted the request for extra hours.

Now, the family receives multiple telehealth sessions every week. During these sessions, John and Michael can witness the positive impact that evidence-based therapy has on Zachariah and learn how to provide the support he needs to continue to make progress. They also have frequent phone conversations with consultants about family training and tactics they can use at home. And, when they recently required some additional services, May Institute consultants were able to assist them in obtaining those as well.
Receiving in-home behavioral health services has been a positive experience for the family. “In spite of their daily challenges, John and Michael have found the Zoom sessions to be very beneficial,” said May Institute Behavior Consultant Kelly Carey.
May Institute is currently taking referrals for in-home behavioral services. Learn more and download a referral form.