Dr. Mark Hauser, President's Award Recipient and Acceptance Speech


To read more about Dr. Hauser, please visit our President's Award page.

After watching a video lauding Dr. Hauser's warmth, personality, and expertise at the 2024 Hope and Possibility Gala, he offered these words of thanks and reflections on his time working with May Institute.

"Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen,
It is with deep gratitude and humility that I accept the Presidential Award tonight. For over three decades, my journey in providing psychiatric care for individuals with autism and intellectual disabilities has been both a profession and a passion. This award, however, is not just a recognition of my solitary efforts but a celebration of enduring partnership and innovation.
From day one, our approach was different. Instead of the traditional model where patients visit the psychiatrist, we flipped the script—I went to them. This was not a journey I undertook alone; it was made possible because of the incredible team spirit at the May Institute. Together with behavior clinicians, nurses, house managers, direct care staff, loving families - and many others, we did not just meet; we collaborated. At dining room tables, day programs, and conference rooms, we crafted comprehensive treatment plans that saw beyond medication to the heart of individual needs. We recognized underlying problems best solved with attention to interpersonal issues, environmental variables, and behavioral strategies.
The May Institute has been instrumental in this. Their commitment to excellence and innovative care has not only enhanced the lives of those we serve but has also set an inspiring standard. As I look toward the next chapter of my career, my focus shifts to legacy—the knowledge and approach that we have refined must be passed on. We are paving the way for a new generation of psychiatrists and nurse practitioners to work with this special community. I suggest this is best done with five overlapping skill sets:
  1. a holistic understanding of psychiatry,
  2. knowledge of autism and intellectual disabilities,
  3. a capacity to embrace complex family and team dynamics,
  4. the ability to navigate government policies and regulations,
  5. and a willingness to work with and appreciate the input of all team members.
And now, some expressions of appreciation and thanks. First, to my patients, from whom I have learned so much. Next, to my wife, Andrea, for 38 wonderful years - without your constant support, I would not have been able to work so much and for so long, and to the May Institute leadership and staff, my colleagues, the families, and everyone I've worked with along the way, thank you. Your faith in this approach has empowered countless individuals to lead better, fuller lives.    

Thank you."