COVID Crew - Three Cheers!


Meet the self-appointed “COVID Crew” from our eastern MA adult programs!

As residents and staff in several of our adult residences tested positive for the virus, this foursome (left to right: James Kirkpatrick, Nichole Murphy, Reese Caratini, and Sarah Campau) stepped in to cover shifts round-the-clock, keeping clients healthy and safe with consistent staffing, and filling in as infected staff took care of themselves and quarantined until they were better.

Sarah explains, “It’s hard enough to be sick, without the added challenges presented to clients who are differently abled. I write this to celebrate my coworkers. I’m grateful for these amazing humans that I can fully depend on. But I also write this to remind people that this virus is really impacting people. Stay home if you can, and help essential workers. It feels like everything is hard right now, but keep doing your part. It matters and so do you. I can’t wait to celebrate together at the end of this. 24/7 coverage. 12-hour shifts. 4 humans. 1 COVID Crew. ?

To the COVID Crew, and every one of the hundreds of May employees who are out there every day taking outstanding care of the children and adults in our care – you are the BEST!!