Black History Month at the May Center for Adult Services in Randolph, Mass.


Our Dayhab in Randolph, MA, celebrated Black History Month in style by choosing and researching five remarkable African American inventors.

Each classroom researched and created a poster about an African American inventor for their history lessons throughout February. And at the top of each day, they would spend part of their morning meeting discussing what they had learned the day before.

The inventors chosen were:
Mark Dean was a computer scientist: he co-creator of the IBM personal computer
Lonnie Johnson invented: the super soaker water gun
Granville Woods invented: the Multiplex Telegraph
Sarah Elisabeth Goode invented: the folding cabinet bed
Garrett Morgan invented: the traffic light, gas mask


We find it inspiring to honor and remember the fantastic contributions that African Americans have always made to the United States and the world. Thanks to the wonderful staff for sharing their research and posters with us.