Being Grateful Every Day


You may think that staff and participants of our Day Habilitation program in Mashpee are getting a super head start on the season ahead. Well, yes and no. Or both? You see, every day at May, there’s much to be grateful for. We are always grateful for each other, the individuals in our care, our colleagues, and you! The program’s participants and staff recently created a gratefultree. It’s filled with notes of gratitude -- beautifully written messages, simple phrases, and words. It’s a little reminder that when we focus on what we have, rather than what we don’t, we recognize there’s already great abundance in our lives. So, what are you grateful for today?

The idea for the grateful tree originated in Group 2 around Thanksgiving one year. Since then, members have created a tree annually and passed out the leaves for staff and participants of the program to write on them what they are grateful for.

Nancy Gailor, Director of Day Services, gives special thanks to staff members Jill Weaver and Clay Perry. Jill, who has been with May since 1999, first initiated and led the project. She now works in the division’s residential services since being transferred at the height of the pandemic. Clay Perry, who still works in Group 2, has helped to organize the activity through the years. Clay is also a long-time employee who has worked for May more than 25 years! 

“I wanted to carry on the tradition of the tree,” said Nancy. “It feels important to do. Staff agreed and happily rolled up their sleeves and painted the tree trunk and branches. 

“So, yes, the grateful tree is in preparation for the upcoming season, but even more important is that it is a reminder for us to be grateful each and every day!” 

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