Beautiful Thanks from a Grateful family


Jennifer Mahoney is a teacher at the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in Randolph. She emailed her colleagues at school yesterday with this picture and note. We asked her if we could share it more broadly, because she is so right -- you surely "can't take the human element out of the human."

'Wanted to send out a positive message. Today I received an email from McKayla saying flowers and chocolate were delivered to the school for me. Of course my first thought was "this must be a joke" but to my surprise the flowers and chocolate were from one of my students and his family for teacher appreciation week. During these tough times it can be hard to remain positive and hopeful. This is one example of a silver lining that you can find at this time, and proves that in a world of isolation you can't take the human element out the human.

Everyone deserves be told they are appreciated and I appreciate all of you!"