Inside May

Happy to Host our Clinical Colleagues from Norway!

Isaiah's Graduation Speech of Gratitude
Isaiah was chosen to give the graduation speech at our May Center School for Brain Injury and Neurobehavioral Disorders in Norwood, Mass. He was gracious to share his speech with us to post. Thank you, Isaiah! more

Dr. Mark Hauser, President's Award Recipient and Acceptance Speech
Dr. Hauser was presented with May Institute's highest honor, the President's Award, in recognition of his remarkable work treating and supporting adults in May's care for over 30 years. This is his acceptance speech. more

Congrats to all our May Staff Attending ABAI in Philadelphia
We are proud to have a number of May clinicians attending, facilitating and presenting at ABAI this year. more

Successful Alternatives to Shock Treatment for Behavior Issues
Dr. Riley discussed how May Institute treats self-injurious behavior or behaviors that could threaten the safety of others, without the use of aversive therapies such as shocks. more

Hope and Possibilities, 2024
Our annual Gala was a beautiful event and success thanks to all of our supporters, donors and partners. more

Congratulations to Juneali Gomez!
BIG congratulations to Juneali Gomez for passing her BCBA exam! June is a Senior Therapist at the May Center for ABA Services in Savannah, Ga.! more

Congratulations to McKenzie Paiva!
This is McKenzie Paiva, M.S., BCBA's story – what a journey and what an accomplishment. We are SO proud of you! more

October is Disability Employment Awareness Month
October is Disability Employment Awareness Month, and in celebration we’d like to highlight the vocational training programs across May Institute schools and the partnerships that have allowed them to thrive post-COVID! Organizations like Old Colony YMCA, Salem Food Market, and Walgreens are providing volunteer and paid work opportunities for students in our Randolph school in an inclusive, community-based environment. more

Summer Fun with a Backyard BBQ!
At one of our adult services residences, everyone enjoyed an afternoon of karaoke, delicious food, and good company! more

Congrats to the May Staff who Attended ABAI in Denver

Welcome to our Tropical Prom
Every year our students vote on what theme they want for Prom, this year they voted for a Tropical Luau theme. more

Our Garden is Bursting!
The Bay School (TBS) received a Youth Garden Grant from and the project is blooming, as are the students. more

2023 Evening of Hope & Possibility Celebrates Milestones

Happy National Making Life Beautiful Day!

It Takes a Team of Artists

Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week
To be honest, we cannot celebrate the aMAYzing work of our teachers enough, but Teacher Appreciation Week gives us the chance to shout-out about their accomplishments. more

Everyday is Autism Awareness Day
Sometimes the best way to educate about autism is simply to wear the lesson on your shirt! more

Cheers for National Nurses Week
We love our school nurses! more

Students Attend the Santa Cruz Symphony
A memorable trip for five students who attend The Bay School. more

TBS Welcomes Pam Raymond (Senior Vice President of Educational Services)
We were excited that Pam flew out to spend time with us. more

Autism Now Affects One in 36 Children in the U.S.

Welcoming Dr. Willow Hozella, Divisional Director of Clinical Services and Training
Dr. Hozella is welcomed to Santa Cruz, California to support and train staff. more

A Gathering of the directors of our May Centers for ABA Services
Welcome to all of the Directors of our May Centers for ABA around the country. more

St. Patrick's Day Art Aplenty
Thanks to Staff members who recently hosted art classes celebrating for the women and men at our Day Habilitation program in Raynham, Mass. more

Thank you, @CalABA
Our team on the West Coast enjoyed the CalABA 41st Western Regional Conference on Behavior Analysis. more

A Generous Heart
Our staff are often heroes, and not just at work. more

A Psychologist’s Reflections on Brain Injury Survivors: They are our Teachers.
Joseph N. Ricciardi, Psy.D., BCBA-D, CBIST reflects across his years working with brain injury survivors and offers his insights and lessons learned. more

Chinese Dance Troup Performs for Students
We are grateful when cultural performers come to share their art with our students. more

We are Happy to Welcome...
We are always honored to have prestigious guests visit. more

Get to Know our Clinical Staff
Meet Kimberly Madar, MS, BCBA, LABA, May Institute’s Clinical Development Coordinator. more

QI's Soup-er-Bowl celebration
Our Quality Improvement Department are expert soup makers, and when they compete they pull out all the stops. more

Celebrating Black History Month
Our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) Council wrote this letter to our staff, and we want to share it with you. more

Celebrating New Years in Savannah, GA

Showing Off in West Springfield
Say hello to the entire staff of our May Center School in West Springfield! more

A Fun and Creative Prank
A lunch invite goes wrong - but the food looked amazing. more

Penny Wars!
When a student suggests fundraising for a local animal shelter, it becomes a penny war with the classrooms competing to collect them most. And the prize, beyond the donation? more

Competitive Door Decorating is Fierce
Holiday decorating can be great fun, and help everyone in the house get into the holiday spirit. more

Making up Time Together
It was such a joy to come together again after the worst of COVID - and the celebration at our Day Habilitation made up for lost time. more

Festive Doors Everywhere!
Decorating doors for the holiday is a very competitive sport at our May Center School in West Springfield, Mass. more

Is that Really the Grinch?!
It takes a dedicated staff to dress up as the Grinch and spend the day greetings the individuals with holiday cheer. more

Happy Christmas Eve
A perfect moment when joy is captured on a camera! more

A busy Holiday Week at our May Center School in Norwood, Mass.
Our Brain Injury School loves holidays - and make them last through the week. more

Say hello to our fabulous, and brightly decorated recruitment staff
Our recruitment team loves to dress up and celebrate - which matches their bright and shiny personalities. more

TBS Holds Beautiful Annual Holiday Party
Each year The Bay School staff share gifts and a holiday meal together. more

Coping with Loss
Every year our centers introduce our students to the beginnings of life by raising butterflies and frogs. Sometimes the lesson is challenging. more

Holiday Cookie Exchange - Yum!
What is a better gift than a holiday cookie exchange - yum! more

Maude helps us celebrate Human Rights Day
Maude is a remarkable young woman working to advocate for others with disabilities. more

Today Our Board of Directors honored 10 May employees
We honor May Institute employees annually with our Exceptional Service Awards. And this year included a remarkable group of staff. more

Walking Group is a big Hit
Keeping fit and feeling good is a goal of all those in May's care, and a walking group is a great way to share staying healthy. more

Welcome to our truly wonderful Thanksgiving party
It is a unique holiday when the students and staff at our May Center School in Randolph, Mass., create a Hallmark holiday to celebrate together. more

Pathways for Parents
Free Virtual Autism Training Series more

Happy Harvest Festival
The Bay School, a campus of May Institute in Santa Cruz, California really goes above and beyond for Harvest Festival each year. This year was outstanding. more

In Mashpee, they celebrate Thanksgiving in Style
Our Mashpee, Mass., knows how to celebrate in style and everyone can have seconds. more

Our Norwood School Shares their Gratitude

Thanksgiving is a time of feasting and gratitude
Lots of food, decorations, and the opportunity to share what you are grateful for on the board. more

A note from one of our neighbors. more

2022 SFASA-Stanford Adult Autism/DD Conference
This was an important opportunity for May staff to address financial planning, housing, adult day programs, medical care, employment, and many other critical topics impacting the lives of adults with autism and developmental disabilities. more

18th Annual PBIS Forum is Live
We were excited to go live again for our annual PBIS Forum. more

May Center School in Chicopee, Mass., Rolled Out the Welcome Carpet
We are happy to welcome May executive staff to tour our new school. more

We Proudly Celebrate Transgender Awareness Week!
Our DEI Council help us celebrate Transgender Awareness Week with a letter to May staff. more

Savannah Center staff and kids during their Make-up Day.
There are lots of ways to practice being social. Our May Center for ABA Services finds creative ways to make being social fun! more

To our Veterans – Thank You.
Our May Center School in West Springfield, Mass. put their artistic talents to good use. more

Congratulations to the Norwood May Center School Bulldogs soccer team
We Won! We are so proud of our team and coaches. more

Carnival time!

Center School in Norwood, Chief Petty Officer Jeffrey Parris

incredible PBIS work in Lynn, Mass.

The Spookiest Haunted House
Staff often go above and beyond to provide memorable holidays. more

#TeamMay Conquers the 2022 Falmouth Road Race! 
While certainly a breathtaking course, the true beauty of the race is reflected in each runner’s motivation to run. It’s a unifying event, bringing together thousands of strangers committed to raising money and awareness for the charities they select. In 2022, 10 of these strangers came together in support of May Institute, raising well over $10,000 in the weeks leading up to the race... more

May Institute has been named #31 on the list of Top 100 Women-led Businesses in Massachusetts

Vision Boards Help Personalities Shine!
We work hard to find ways to help the individuals in our care express themselves. Images and pictures can say so much, even when someone can't express themselves completely with words. This project opens a door to personal expression. more

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Pumpkin Decorating and Bake Sale
Students and staff both love decorating pumpkins during the Halloween season. more

The Pie Making Competition at Corporate is Fierce, and Great Eating
We are lucky to have so many great cooks and bakers at May. more

Turner Library in Randolph Burgeons with Color
Finding creative and fulfilling ways for our students to contribute to our community is an important part of their education. more

Happy Birthday Paula!
Birthdays are a big event at our May residences. Join us in wishing Paula a very happy birthday. more

Cyrus' Job at GOODLES Provides him with Important Work-skills
“I know The Bay School to be a loving, enriching education and life-skills space for very special kids – my nephew has been a student there for more than 15 years! But I didn’t know that The Bay School was training students to join the workforce! What an amazing surprise – and tremendous opportunity for GOODLES." more

Looking Pretty, Ladies!
There are many ways our individuals are pampered. A favorite among our ladies, is manicures. more

May Institute Clinicians Present at BABAT 2022 Annual Conference
Thirteen May Institute clinicians will make presentations at the 43rd Annual Conference of BABAT, Massachusetts Professionals in Behavior Analysis, in Worcester, Mass., October 12-14, 2022. more

Annual Picture Day in Raynham, Mass.
Picture day is always a big day. Getting dressed up, combing your hair and being ready to offer your best smile. more

It's Football Season at our School in Norwood, Mass.
We are proud of our student athletes and coaches. more

In Loving Memory of Muhammed and Feda Almaliti
An artist, staff, and students worked hard to co-create this remarkable mosaic to honor the lives of student Muhammed and his mom Feda who were tragically killed. more

Jessica's Got a Packed Agenda
Jessica uses her leadership skills to setting the agenda for her social skills class. more

May Helps Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Chapter 766

Happy Direct Support Professionals Week @May!
In honor of our hardworking Direct Support Professionals, we want to shout out to each and every one of you - by name - and thank you for all you do. more

Staff are Celebrating DSP Week on Cape Cod!
We celebrate Direct Support Professionals (DSP) week with a full heart and gratitude to all of our DSPs for their compassion and hard work! more

Happy first day of school In Chicopee, Mass.
We are so happy to welcome students to this newest May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities! more

This year's Falmouth Road Race 2022was a triumph!
We look forward to this magnificient race all year long - and this year it was the best yet! more

Welcome Everyone to the Big BBQ
It was a beautiful day for so many adult residents to gather together with staff for a spectacular BBQ, and games galore. more

The Bay School Enjoyed a Team-building Day
???????The Bay School (TBS), May’s school program in California, knows how to enjoy each other's company and fill a day with creative team building exercises. more

Meet Kevonne and Laura!
This remarkable couple share their thoughts about a legal case making interracial marriages legal, and how it has enabled their own recent marriage. more

Meet May Institute's Institutional Review Board (IRB)
May Institute’s research efforts have grown exponentially in recent years and we thank our Institutional Review Board (IRB) for playing an essential role in this process. Guided by ethical principles set forth in the Belmont Report, May Institute’s IRB reviews all research proposals with the goal of protecting the rights and welfare of participants.   more

Our own Outdoor Movie Theatre
There is nothing more "summertime" than an outdoor movie night with all of the trimmings. more

Celebrating staff is an Important Part of our May Center Schools.
Our school loves to shout-out and celebrate all of the school staff to show our appreciating for all of their hard work. more

New Games Thanks to the Charter Cup!
Due to the generosity of The Charter Cup, this May residence bought a set of outdoor games for all those living at the house. more

WIBA: Dr. Ivy Chong Joined a Powerhouse of Speakers on Authentic Leadership
At the recent 2022 Women in Behavior Analysis (WIBA) conference, Dr. Ivy Chong, Senior VP of Children’s Services at May Institute, joined a powerhouse of speakers during an engaging panel discussion on authentic leadership. more

The Neurodiversity Movement
There is growing recognition that differences in development exist across people and that such variation is a natural (and valuable!) part of life. Neurodiversity as a term acknowledges this: “Neuro” refers to neurological, cognitive, or general functioning, and “diversity” refers to the spectrum of variation. more

Be Like Alli
Alli is an Instructor with May's West Coast School, The Bay School in Santa Cruz more

Rock that kindness!

Fishing the Cape for a Good Cause

Cheers for the aMAYzing @ElisabethMcFadyen

Graduation Does Not Mean the end of Relationships

Dylan Learns to Communicate in a New Way
Student Dylan from The Bay School, May Institute’s school program in California, is learning how to make a new request on his speech-generating device (SGD). more

Our first Pride@May

Music Class is Inspiring
When Terry teaches music, the kids are engaged! more

One Hundred Fifty-Seven Years Later...from May's DEI Newsletter
Every Juneteenth, the Black community celebrates progress. Though progress is often delayed, the community’s resilience and perseverance through history marshals it forward. Juneteenth commemorates June 19th in 1865, when enslaved people in Galveston, Texas, were finally notified that slavery had ended in the United States. more

LOVE—What’s Color Got to Do With It?
Every year on June 12th, people around the world observe “Loving Day,” a celebration of the 1967 landmark Supreme Court decision in the case of Loving v. Virginia. What is Loving Day and why it is significant? To answer these questions, we need to take a step back in time to the year 1958. more

ABAI 48th Annual Convention May Staff Presentations

May Keeps it Positive in Lynn Schools
Sometimes, the best way to curb negative behavior is to offer something positive. At Ingalls School, students are re- sponding well to Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), thanks to a partnership with May Institute. As a result, the school is seeing reductions in problem behav- iors, office referrals and suspensions, and increases in on-task engagement and academic achievement. more

Our May Community is Heartbroken for the Ukraine
Our May community is heartbroken by the suffering and devastation taking place in the Ukraine. We join with the global community as we hope for an end to this war and a return to peace. more

DEI Celebrates International Women’s Day
International Women’s Day recognizes achievements of women around the globe. This year we honor those who laid the foundation for the critical work we do at May Institute. more

Black History Month at the May Center for Adult Services in Randolph, Mass.
Our staff work hard to make each special month, holiday and current event an opportunity for learning. They always enjoy Black History Month. more

An Especially Special Place
The holidays may be over, but what a time it was at one of our residences in Western Massachusetts. Starting in November, residents and staff enjoyed a number of fun-filled celebrations that included exquisite food, nostalgic music, and tropical, non-alcoholic drinks. These were very exclusive events with only residents and caretakers in attendance more

A Very Special Holiday Card Exchange

Research ? Behavioral Parent Training Via Telehealth
A growing body of research has demonstrated the benefits of behavioral parent training for reducing the disruptive behavior of autistic children and reducing parent stress. more

Celebrating 30 Years of our May Center School for Brain Injury and Neurohavioral Disorders

The Gift of Friendship
“I’m hoping, this card exchange will evolve into some kind of pen pal program and expand everyone’s friendship circles,” she says. “We want our folks to have friends and to actively build those friendships. more

Autism Law Summit Success
The Law Summit is an annual gathering of parent advocates, autism service providers, lawyers, individuals with autism, lobbyists, and legislators from across the United States. more

Being Grateful Every Day
“So, yes, the grateful tree is in preparation for the upcoming season, but even more important is that it is a reminder for us to be grateful each and every day!”  more

Research ? Modular Approach to Autism Programs in Schools (MAAPS): a Feasibility Study
May Institute clinicians examined the feasibility of a modular intervention system designed to help teachers identify effective ways to meet the specific needs of students with autism. more

???????The Charter Cup Fishing Tournament Big Winner!
It was a big day of catching fish, but more than that it was a day to support May Institute's Adult Services programs on Cape Cod and in Southeastern Massachusetts. more

Congratulations Benjamin Gray! - Celebrating 10 Years @ May
We greatly appreciate Benjamin Gray, a Behavior Analyst at The Bay school in Santa Cruz, Calif., and all May staff who remain committed and dedicated to helping us meet the needs of our students year after year after year! more

The Best Part of Gardening is Eating Your Crops!
Many May programs jump into spring and summer by planting gardens. It is both a fun activity and teaches a number of lessons as well. more

Celebrating May's Women in Leadership Conference
May Institute's conference was proud to highlight prominent women in our field while addressing the importance of gender equity and diversity. This conference highlighted recent trends in the field of behavior analysis, mentorship, leadership, and cultural humility. more

Direct Support Professionals' Celebrated in Mashpee, Mass.
There are so many ways to celebrate the remarkable Direct Support Professional staff throughout May. Nancy Gailor, Director of Day Services at May Institute's Day Hab in Mashpee, had her own take on how to praise her staff and show her deep appreciation. more

Direct Support Professional (DSP) Recognition Week comes to a Close
May Institute shared their thanks to the hundreds of DSP across social media with a calligram, giving support and care to those living with us and attending our schools. more

May's Brain Injury School will be Moving to Norwood
May Center School for Brain Injury and Neurobehavioral Disorders, currently located in Brockton, Mass., is moving to Norwood late in 2021! more

An Underground Railroad Quilt is Made in Honor of Black History Month
Exploring Black History Month and learning the importance of communication for the Underground Railroad is a labor of love for May's Mashpee Day Habilitation Program. more

Announcing Support for Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities
May's D&I Council asks our communities to stand with May against the escalating violence against Asian American and Pacific Islanders communities. more

Celebrating Black History Month: Let’s Chat! 5 Quick Tips for More Open Communication 

Music can be a Bowl of Bananas
When you look at a bowl of fruit, you probably will not think about creating a musical instrument. But that is just what this creative music teacher does. more

???????Congratulations Traci DeMarco! - Celebrating 25 Years @ May
“The May has been a great place to work and grow! Hard work has proven that there is room for professional growth and development within the agency.” more

A warm story for a cozy night. (A pre-COVID tale)
One special night, four women with special needs and the staff at their residence decided it was time for a pajama party. more

Chris Garrity Celebrating 20 Years at May
"I wanted to have a career where I felt like each day I can make a difference. Giving back to children and their families is very important to me." more

May's 16th Annual PBIS Forum Goes Virtual!
Over 150 attendees came from beyond the New England area, including attendees from Georgia, Illinois, Colorado, and even the United Kingdom. more

A “Moving” Birthday Celebration!
When you cannot throw a traditional birthday party, you invite everyone to attend the drive by birthday celebration for Ashley and Samantha at their residence. more

Learning to Vote at May!
The May Center School in Randolph put the tools in place this week to teach students how to fill out a ballot and cast their vote. more

NC Safety Day
Nothing is more exciting than seeing emergency vehicles visit our center - allowing out young students to get up close and personal. more

COVID-19 update from the President and CEO
Lauren C. Solotar, Ph.D., ABPP, President and Chief Executive Officer, May Institute presents an update of COVID-19 and the extraordinary work staff have done and continue to do as midst of phased re-openings across all programs and sites, as local and state guidelines allow. more

Wilmington School to their students - we miss you
A little Zoom video to our May Center School Students in Wilmington, Mass. more

Bet You Didn’t Know May Had an Ice Cream Truck!
Staff from our adult programs on and around Cape Cod recently commandeered one of May’s wheelchair vans, filled it with coolers of popsicles, ice cream, and toppings, and set out to lift spirits and deliver treats! more

Lights, Camera, Action — Making Movies, That’s What We Do!
One day, when Will was hanging out with the four residents (of the house), he noticed that one of them was wearing a Hawaiian t-shirt, and that gave him an idea: they could make a Jurassic Park movie! A wide-brimmed white hat completed the costume of the man wearing the Hawaiian shirt; a baseball bat became the walking cane of the man who played John Hammond; and one man walked across the backyard “set” holding a big, stuffed T-Rex while Will let out a huge dinosaur-like roar. “Welcome to Jurassic Park,” he announced, imitating the voice of Dr. Grant from the movie. more

Mom and son Brice Navigate COVID-19 Together
We had a great conversation with May parents Vivyane and Mukendi about their experiences navigating COVID-19 with son Brice, who has autism. We captured Vivyane’s recollection of an experience with Brice in which she felt nervous and unprepared. It turned out to be a wonderful account of time spent between mom and son and gave mom ‘all the feels.’ more

We mourn the passing of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
“Thirty years ago, the Americans with Disabilities Act transformed the country in important ways, changing expectations for the lives of people with disabilities. Thanks to the work of countless committed advocates, we have taken meaningful steps toward the elimination of discrimination against individuals with disabilities. more

In Mashpee, a Welcoming Rock Garden
As May began to carefully reopen the May Center for Adult Services in Mashpee, Mass. the question arose, how do we help returning individuals feel welcome? more

Backyard Movie Night Under the Stars
What is a better way to relax, and have some fun while staying safe than a back yard movie night under the stars? more

Tayla Knocks it out of the Park for a Student
Tayla, an in-class counselor at May's Randolph, Mass. school, received rave reviews from the Child Specialist on duty. more

Imelda DeYoung Celebrates 25 Years at May!
"But, this is a job that I feel I do extremely well! I love it here. Can you imagine me ever retiring?” more

How do we Celebrate - Dance Party!
At May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in West Springfield, Mass., teachers are pulling out the stops to celebrate work well done. more

Dr. Cara Phillips Appointed to the Board of Editors
Cara Phillips, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Executive Director of the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in Wilmington, Mass., has been appointed to the Board of Editors for the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis (JABA). more

New Clinical Intern Class of 2020-2021
Even during COVID-19, May moves forward to provide outstanding clinical services to those in our care and educate the next generation of clinicians. more

Celebrating our Students' Virtual Graduation from the May Center School in Randolph!

May Center for ABA Services Celebrates Marlee's Graduation!
At the May Center for ABA Services in Jacksonville, North Carolina, graduations are still a highlight. more

Sarah Campau Receives Full Fellowship; Will Study and Research Intersection Between Autism and LGBTQ+ Communities
Sarah was accepted into the doctoral program at The University of Arkansas, where she received a full fellowship to study the needs of individuals in transition to adulthood and research LGBTQ+ sexual education for adults with disabilities. more

Innovations in Remote Learning at May Institute
Like service providers and schools all over the country, the staff members, educators, and clinicians at May Institute, Inc. have responded to the challenges of remote learning with rapid innovation. more

Dr. Matt Riley Kicks off May Center School's Virtual Graduation
Dr. Riley, the new Executive Director of May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in Randolph, Mass. offers his own words of wisdom and good wishes at the beginning of the school's first virtual graduation ceremony. more

May Teachers Use Technology to Make Masks More Comfortable
Teachers on the School-based Response Team in our Randolph school are using technology to make wearing masks all day more comfortable. more

Research ? A descriptive secondary analysis of evidence-based interventions for students with autism spectrum disorder

Big Congratulations to Two Nurses!

Let's Go Shopping!
“The idea for creating a store at Richie’s group home came up during a telehealth call with his neurologist,” said Brittany Roy, Assistant Director of Residential Services. more

2020 May Preschool Graduation
After three months apart, the May Daycare and Preschool reunited recently for a Drive-Up Graduation and Parade for their Pre-K class! more

A message from the Diversity & Inclusion Council
Today, we celebrate Juneteenth. more

Congratulations Jack Deoliveira - Celebrating 25 aMAYzing Years!
Please join us in congratulating Jack Deoliveira, Adult Services, Eastern Massachusetts, on his 25-year anniversary at May! more

In-home Behavioral Health Services Provide Much-needed Support
During weekly telehealth sessions, grandfathers John and Michael witness the positive impact that evidence-based therapy has on their 11-year-old grandson Zachariah. more

Congratulations Rachel Fontana - Celebrating 25 aMAYzing Years!
Please join us in congratulating Rachel Fontana, Manager of Contracts and Financial Analysis, on her 25-year anniversary at May! more

Just Breathe... Men in May Residence Practice Yoga Among Friends
“Yoga is definitely helping them. I’m so happy that something positive is coming out of these difficult times." more

Statement on Systemic Racism and Oppression
May Institute stands in solidarity with those who speak out against systemic racism and oppression. more

Learning and Skill-building Continue During COVID-19
Even though our early learning center sites are closed, clinicians like Carlos Lorant work with children and their family members in the family’s home during regularly scheduled sessions. The case supervisor (BCBA) monitors and provides guidance via Zoom during the session.  more

Making Learning to Tie Your Shoes Fun!

Residents and Staff of Boxford Program Sew Masks with Pride, Love, and Care
“If you do a little to make someone happy, it’s often a lot to that person. And when something comes from a kind heart it’s a feeling that’s truly remarkable.” more

Research ? Thinking small to think big: Modular approach for autism programming in schools
We studied a new intervention framework that we called MAAPS (Modular Approach to Autism Programs in Schools) to support teachers of students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The framework was designed to help teachers use evidence-based practices effectively. more

COVID Crew - Three Cheers!
Sarah explains, “It’s hard enough to be sick, without the added challenges presented to clients who are differently abled. I write this to celebrate my coworkers. more

For the Love of Bears!
Bear hunting has become a popular outdoor activity for individuals of all ages during a time of social distancing. Many of the bears display messages to stay safe. These lovely acts of kindness are uniting communities; giving people a sense of comfort and hope amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. more

Beautiful Thanks from a Grateful family
" my surprise the flowers and chocolate were from one of my students and his family for teacher appreciation week." more

Heroes Work Here
Elise Mouneimneh ... drove around to all the student residences and decorated their front doors - Surprise! more

Such Cute Little Creatures - Stop Motion Animation

The PPE Arrived!

School Based Response Team on the Go!
These staff members report to school every day to ensure that our residential homes are supported throughout the day for any need they may have. Anytime a residential home calls for any supports, SBRT is ready to help! more

Even as a Father of Two...Christos Papadopoulos
I struggled the first few days to help students understand why we are facing abrupt life changes. But I began to use my experience in fatherhood as a part of my role in the residence. more

The Easter Bunny Came!
What is a better surprise then to wake up Easter morning and find someone has dropped off goodies? more

A Shout-out to Boomerang Bags

It Takes a Village, One Great Person at a Time!

More Silverlinings, Moments of Kindness
We feel so grateful that so many in the community have stepped up to help us. more

Students Enjoy a Hands-on Science Class at the MIT Museum
Our students spent the day learning all about simple machines, physics, and science. more

Students Use Virtual Reality to Celebrate Dr. King’s Legacy and Share Their Dreams
May Center School students learn about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and then write and present their own "I have a dream" speech. more

Planning to Celebrate Our 65th Anniversary

We are So Grateful for the Masks!
With the help of many people, families, groups, and companies, May Institute was the grateful recipient of more than 3,000 masks in the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic. more

Team Work Continues to Save the Day

A message to the May community from Dr. Lauren Solotar, President and CEO
As we all navigate the unfamiliar and unsettling day-to-day challenges that have accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic, we at May Institute would like to take a few moments to share heartfelt thanks, updates about our programs and services, and words of encouragement and hope. more

Brockton Bulldogs Win State Championship

Met & Married at May - Heather and Michael
On Valentine's Day, we begin to celebrate May staff who met each other during their time working at May. The stories are beautiful and moving. Congrats to each couple. more

Met & Married at May - Deena and Sean
On Valentine's Day, we begin to celebrate May staff who met each other during their time working at May. The stories are beautiful and moving. Congrats to each couple. more

Married at May - Elise and Adam
On Valentine's Day, we begin to celebrate May staff who met each other during their time working at May. The stories are beautiful and moving. Congrats to each couple. more

Married at May - Cara and Jason
On Valentine's Day, we begin to celebrate May staff who met each other during their time working at May. The stories are beautiful and moving. Congrats to each couple. more

Met & Married at May - Bridget and Martin
On Valentine's Day, we begin to celebrate May staff who met each other during their time working at May. The stories are beautiful and moving. Congrats to each couple. more

Met & Married at May - Minto and Brianna
On Valentine's Day, we begin to celebrate May staff who met each other during their time working at May. The stories are beautiful and moving. Congrats to each couple. more

Q&A: A Lesson in Understanding the Legacy of Dr. King
A conversation with Elizabeth Vargas, M.Ed., a Lead Teacher at May Center School for Brain Injury and Neurobehavioral Disorders, and a member of the D&I Council.  more

Met & Married at May - Alan and Colleen
On Valentine's Day we begin to celebrate May staff who met each other during their time working at May. The stories are beautiful and moving. Congrats to each couple. more

Met & Married at May - Kate and Rachel
On Valentine's Day we begin to celebrate May staff who met each other during their time working at May. The stories are beautiful and moving. Congrats to each couple. more

Met & Married at May - Terese and Kevin
On Valentine's Day we begin to celebrate May staff who met each other during their time working at May. The stories are beautiful and moving. Congrats to each couple. more

Met & Married at May - Meghan and Noah
On Valentine's Day we begin to celebrate May staff who met each other during their time working at May. The stories are beautiful and moving. Congrats to each couple. more

Met & Married at May - Shelley and Christos
On Valentine's Day we begin to celebrate May staff who met each other during their time working at May. The stories are beautiful and moving. Congrats to each couple. more

Beyond a Call to Action
We have inappropriately assumed that what works for some should work for all, regardless of the context. As a field, many of us have inappropriately assumed that gender and racial inequality, economic poverty, distrust in law enforcement, citizenship status, political affiliation, beliefs in Western Medicine, and so on do not factor into the behavior-change equation. These assumptions are naive and incomplete at best, and harmful at worst. more

May Center Students Participate in “Hour of Code” Event at Randolph School
“Learning how to code is an important 21st-century skill that schools are implementing in their programming,” said May’s Educational Technology Teacher Roba Hrisseh, M.Ed., who organized the event. more

Journey to aMAYzing Manager: May's Unique Approach to Hiring and Retaining Direct Care Staff
“Employees want a company that will invest in them and in their growth and development,” says Jane Shamaly, Senior Director of Talent Management at May Institute. “When we ask job seekers what they are looking for, training and development and work/life balance top their lists. This program addresses those needs.” more

Sarah Frampton and Alice Shillingsburg Co-authors of Article Published in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis
Dr. Shillingsburg and Sarah Frampton have published several articles with a focus of increasing the efficiency of language instruction. This article represents a step toward even more feasible and effective learning strategies. The two are working to bridge the research to practice gap by integrating evidence-based practices into daily instruction with children at May Institute. more

Meet Matthew
Always a boy who loved to be active, Matthew blossomed and became more confident as he took on more responsibility. more

Set on a Path for a Life Well-lived
“Once we could breathe through the tears, we resolved not to allow this to be a disaster, but rather a challenge. We would not look at this diagnosis as the end of a typical life, but instead, we would work to make her life better! We had no idea at that time that Abby, just by being in our lives, would enrich ours beyond imagination.” more

May Welcomes Postdoctoral Fellows
Our postdoctoral fellowships in applied behavior analysis provide advanced training in the science and practice of behavior analysis and prepare fellows to function independently in their profession (psychology, behavior analysis, special education). more

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, the theme was SwAMP Camp in SPAAAACE! more

In our words: A spotlight on Western Mass. adult services staff
“My work is my passion, my heart. I love to provide care, help, and offer security to others. May Institute has given me the opportunity to have a great working environment for 16 years. Working here gives me joy.” —Michaelle Joseph more

Cooking Up a Celebration
Quarterly breakfasts and an annual potluck lunch feature a smorgasbord of delectable dishes from across the world... more

2019–2020 Mentorship Program Draws Nearly 40 Participants
The Mentorship Program enables employees to explore professional and educational interests and gain one-on-one advice from experienced colleagues. more

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Service Day
We are grateful for the hard work of these ambitious volunteers, who brightened the school environment for our students. more

May Clinicians Present at 2019 BABAT Conference
Eleven May Institute clinicians will present at the 40th annual conference of the Berkshire Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy (BABAT) on October 2, 3, and 4, 2019. more

Meet Chris Hughes, Falmouth Road Race #TeamMAY
Many Falmouth Road Race runners have moving stories about why they run, this is Chris Hughes' story. more

Meet Us at the Park! Nancy Lunden Spearheads Cleanup at Holyoke Park
"It was a great collaboration between agencies," said Nancy. "Since our event, the sprinklers in the park have been on every day, and more and more families are coming out to enjoy all the park has to offer." more

Dr. Cynthia Anderson Travels to India, Addresses International Autism Conference
Dr. Anderson was a guest speaker at the 2019 International Autism Conference, “Accountability and Evidence Based Best Practices in Autism,” in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. more

Cheers for our Falmouth Runners!
May's team of 10 runners raised over $12,000 for services and programs. more

Josh Says Thanks!

SMART Project Brings Virtual Reality to the Classroom
May Institute's SMART (Students at May for Augmentative Reality Technology) Project was generously funded by the John W. Alden Trust and the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism. more

WIN Members Volunteer at The Table at Father Bill’s MainSpring
???????The Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN), decide to follow the student's lead and experience volunteering at Father Bill's in Brockton, Mass. more

May Institute Clinicians Co-author Article Published in Advances in Neurodevelopmental Disorders
“In this study, we demonstrated that relatively efficient methods of functional behavioral assessment could work in adult services, where resources can be limited," said Dr. Cynthia Anderson, one of the co-authors of the article. more

Literacy Initiative Helps Enhance Students' Reading Skills
Our new Reading Mastery materials allow more opportunities for reading instruction throughout the classrooms. more

May's youngest students benefiting from Early Learning Program

Dr. Cynthia Anderson Co-edits New Book on Parent-Child Interaction Therapy: Behavior Analysts at May Co-Author Five Chapters
Dr. Anderson edited the first two sections of the handbook, which present the conceptual foundations of evidence-based approaches (Part 1) and contemporary evidence-based interventions (Part 2). May Institute behavior analysts authored several of the chapters in these two sections. more

Improving Positive Classroom Behavior Support Through Applied Behavior Analysis
Download presentation from the 9th Annual Convention of the Massachusetts Association for Behavior Analysis more

???????Terese Brennan Visits Beijing; Delivers Workshop on Quality Improvement
Part 2: more

China — A Bridge to My Past; A Path to the Future
Part 1: My recent trip to China was an incredible experience. I’ve always wanted to see where my grandparents are from and where my father, who came to the United States when he was about 5 years old, spent some of his childhood, so this opportunity was really amazing. more

Boston Globe Documentary Short, “Dance with Me”
This film captures Sophia and Peter's lives in the weeks leading up to, and during, the school prom. It’s a beautiful, real, and unfiltered film that offers an often unseen window into a special moment of their lives. more

May Center School in Wilmington Builds Playground!

May Institute BABAT Presentations, 2018
If you are attending the 2018 Berkshire Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy Conference, we hope to see you there! more

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Service Day
On September 21, 2018, twenty-four BCBS of MA employees spent Service Day 2018 volunteering at our May Center for Adult Services, Day Habilitation Program in Raynham, Mass. more

Dr. Cynthia Anderson Co-authors Article in Behavior Analysis in Practice
In this article, Dr. Anderson and her co-authors argue that students should consider several different indicators of program quality, one of which is the scholarly contributions of faculty. more

May expert presents at International Forum on Treatment and Policies for ASD in China
May Institute’s Dr. Ivy Chong traveled to Beijing this summer to present two invited lectures and participate in a panel discussion at the International Forum on Treatment and Policies for Autism Spectrum Disorder. more

Employee Recognition and Golden Tickets!
The staff on the Employee Recognition & Appreciation Committee (ERA) celebrated their friends and colleagues with a token of appreciation. more

Dr. M. Alice Shillingsburg Co-authors Article in The Analysis of Verbal Behavior
The Association for Behavior Analysis International selected "Using Textual Prompts to Teach Mands for Information Using 'Who?'" as an Article of the Week. more

???????We’re happy to Announce we are Expanding Center-based ABA for Young Children in Mass.
We are enrolling young children at our centers in Randolph and Wilmington Mass., where they will learn to build skills and reduce problem behavior. These services are funded through insurance. more

May Institute Hosts 24 Summer Interns
May Institute’s intern program is about the hands-on training for our interns and helping them make career decisions. more

May Institute Clinicians Co-author Article in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis
Sarah Frampton, M.A., BCBA, and Alice Shillingsburg, Ph.D., BCBA-D, co-authored an article published in the Spring 2018 issue of the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. more

Dr. Richard Graff Co-authors Article Published in Behavioral Interventions
Dr. Richard Graff, Ph.D., LABA, BCBA-D, May Institute’s Senior Vice President of Clinical Training and Services, is co-author of an article published in Behavioral Interventions. more

30 Topics for 30 Days, A Closer Look at Autism

In Honor of Women's History Month
A message from May Institute’s President and CEO Dr. Lauren Solotar and Chairperson of our Board of Trustees Mary Lou Maloney. more

May Institute and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Collaborate to Examine Unconscious Bias
In March 2018, May Institute and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (BCBSMA) co-sponsored a half-day Diversity Dialogue titled, “Unconscious Bias in Healthcare and Human Services.” Nearly 200 employees from both organizations attended the event, the first such vendor collaboration by BCBSMA. more

Dr. Bob Putnam Co-authors Article in Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions
Robert F. Putnam, Ph.D., LABA, BCBA-D, May Institute’s Executive Vice President of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, is a co-author of an article titled “Improving Multitiered Systems of Support for Students With ‘Internalizing’ Emotional/Behavioral Problems.” more

May Institute's Strategic Plan: At a glance

May Institute Clinician Co-authors Article that Discusses Methods to Reduce Problematic Behaviors During Discrete Trial Instruction
Dr. Alice Shillingsburg and colleagues from the Marcus Autism Center in Atlanta, Ga., determined that rapport building, or “pairing” a therapist and teaching setting with highly preferred activities prior to teaching students with ASD can reduce problematic behaviors during the instructional period. more

Dr. Alice Shillingsburg Co-authors Article in Behavior Modification Journal
In addition to demonstrating the effectiveness of the intervention strategies, Dr. Shillingsburg and her co-authors discuss several factors to consider when implementing a similar procedure in the classroom. more

Dr. Cynthia Anderson Serves as Guest Editor for Behavior Modification Journal; Co-authors Introductory Article
The special issue highlighted recent research on supporting students with ASD in schools. Studies spanned core and associated deficit areas of ASD including communication and social interaction and repetitive behavior. more

Ready, Set, Bake! May Institute’s 10th Annual Pie Day
Entries included chocolate granola, vanilla pecan, pumpkin cheesecake, banana cream with caramel drizzle, vanilla pear, gooey butter pecan, and vegan lemon coconut pies in addition to more traditional apple, blueberry, and pecan pies. First prize went to Chloe Keller from Mashie Adult Services. more

May Institute Shared Living Program Participants Honored
Within months of moving in with Naomie and Emmanuel, Yessenia proclaimed, “I feel like I have a home. I feel like I am home!” more

Congratulations Shirley on 23 Years of Service to May!

Dr. Cynthia Anderson and Dr. Ryan Martin Co-author Chapter in the Handbook of Rural School Mental Health

May Institute BABAT Presentations, 2017
Please Come by and Say Hello!


Dr. Cynthia Anderson Co-authors Article in Beyond Behavior Journal
The article distinguishes between establishing operations and setting events, discusses how setting events can be identified, when it is appropriate to include them in functional behavior assessments, and how they can be incorporated into intervention planning. more

Kindness ROCKS! Welcome to our Kindness Rocks Garden
Nancy Gailor, Assistant Director at the May Day Habilitation Program in Mashpee, Mass., discovered a project on Cape Cod by Megan Murphy, who took to painting and writing inspirational quotes on rocks and leaving them on beaches and in parks. more

Dr. Robert F. Putnam appointed to the Mass Department of Developmental Services Statewide Advisory Council

Moving Up: May Employees Continue Their Education
With help from May's Tuition Reimbursement Program, and while continuing to work at May, three staff are recent graduates of nursing school. more

Letter to May Staff from Lauren Concerning Hurricane Irma
A letter to our staff and community concerning the hurricane Irma's impact on May residences in her path. more

SwAMP Camp at May Center in Randolph, Mass.
Science with Art, Math, and Problem-Solving Camp! more

Splash Pad Opens at May Center School in Randolph, Mass.

Curry College Dining Services Partners with May Institute to Employ Student

Staff Pound to Stay in Shape!
Every Tuesday the gymnasium reverberates with the sound of drumsticks. more

Wahlburgers in the Hingham Shipyard - Falmouth Road Race Team Fundraiser!

May Institute Posters, Symposia, and Workshops, ABAI 2017

Continuing the Dialogue: An Introspective and Retrospective Look at Social and Economic Inequities
Cracking the Codes/the system of racial inequity has engaged thousands of people worldwide in talking about the system of racial inequity through personal stories from racial justice leaders. more

May Center School in Woburn has moved to Wilmington, Mass!
Due to increased demand for our services, the May Center School for Autism and Disabilities has expanded and moved to a new location! more

Ditty for our staff working on this snowy day.

May Institute Welcomes Representative Driscoll

May Center School in West Springfield moving summer of 2017!
Due to increased demand for our services, the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in West Springfield will be expanding and moving to a new location! more

Words of Thanks from One Parent
A beautiful note to the staff at one of our programs. more

The May Center School for Brain Injury and Related Disorders has a new name!
In order to reflect the work of our school and our students with complex needs and co-occurring diagnoses, we have changed our name. more

National Autism Center Staff Share Expertise at Launching the National Training Program for ASD Conference in Muscat, Oman
National Autism Center (NAC) at May Institute is honored to be working in Oman this week. more

Students Harvest for Others in Need
Brain injury students value giving back to others, contributing to the community in a variety of ways. more

Listen to MAGIC 106.7 and call in on behalf of May Institute!

A message from a May Center School parent about the splash pad initiative in Randolph, Mass.!

The Sweetest Day of the Year.
Our annual Pie Day competition started out the holidays on a sweet note. more

Full Baskets, Full Hearts
Happy Thanksgiving to All. more

Superflex Training Academy Graduates!
The May Center for Autism Spectrum Disorder in Jacksonville, North Carolina is proud to announce the first graduating class of Superflex Training Academy (social skills group)! more

Meeting Dr. Temple Grandin
Dr. Grandin’s ground-breaking achievements in livestock handling and facility design more

Remember to Vote!
Everyone can and should vote in the upcoming election (November 8), including individuals with a wide range of disabilities. more

May Institute Named Among Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts

Go, Bulldogs!
Students from the May Center School for Brain Injury and Related Disorders competed in their very first Special Olympics flag football games! more

Bay School Parents Say "Thank You" with an Ice Cream Social
There is always time to celebrate staff! more

Many Thanks to the Bose® Corporation!

Dr. Beth A. Jerskey Authors Article Published in the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Center’s Newsletter
“Neuropsychology: When is the right time to adopt test revisions?”, an article written Beth A. Jerskey, Ph.D., has been published in the APPIC E-newsletter. more

Welcome to Students from KIOM University in South Korea
We are always grateful to share our schools with visitors from around the world. more

Special Olympics Games Celebrate all Abilities

Special Olympics Massachusetts Teams Up with May Institute
On Friday, September 16th, Special Olympics Massachusetts will be teaming up with the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities for the first-ever Games at the residential and day school in Randolph. more

Thank you to all May employees who worked Labor Day.

Introducing our new May Store!
Shop online for May merchandise! more

Coping in a Violent World
We all need help coping with the fear and anxiety caused by acts of terror, gun violence, and hatred. more

Massachusetts Nonprofit Network - 2016 Nonprofit Awareness Day

Dr. Nathan Lambright Shares ABA Expertise with Chinese Educators
Nathan Lambright enjoyed a successful trip to China to participate in an educational forum by Stars and Rain Educational Institute for Autism in Beijing. more

May Institute's 2015 Annual Report
A year of progress and accomplishments at May Institute, celebrating our 60th year! more

Singapore's Saint Andrew's Autism Centre Visits May Institute
We are honored that a group from St. Andrew's Autism Centre (SAAC) in Singapore came to visit our various programs. more

Dr. Nathan Lambright Co-authors Article Published in the Journal of Mental Health Research in Intellectual Disabilities
Nathan Lambright, Psy.D., BCBA-D, Vice President of Clinical Services in Educational Services for May Institute, was recently published in the Journal of Mental Health Research in Intellectual Disabilities. more

Spring 2016 Employee Spotlight Award winners!
Each quarter, Our Employee Recognition & Appreciation Committee recognizes up to five employees who exemplify May Institute’s core values by demonstrating excellence in service delivery, and a collaborative, respectful, and positive approach to coworkers and the individuals served. more

A Closer Look at Autism: 30 Days, 30 Topics
Anyone can search the Internet for “autism treatment” or “autism cure” and get hundreds of thousands of hits. Faced with a barrage of often-conflicting information, how do you know where to begin? This is the perfect place to start, with scientifically sound information that families and others can use to make life better now for people on the autism spectrum. Knowledge is power. more

Climbing to New Heights - Shiba-dang!

Thanks to Bailey’s Team for Autism!
We were happy to welcome Bailey's Team for Autism President, Sammi Robertson, to our school. more

Meet May: Meet Jalisa and Susan
A profile from "Faces. Voices. Lives. - 60 Years at May Institute." more

First Semester of Master's-Level Training Kicks off on Randolph Campus!
New Partnership Between May Institute and Endicott College to Help Meet Growing Need for Master’s-Level Service Providers more

A message from Dr. Lauren Solotar, May president and CEO, to all May staff
National Employee Appreciation Day. more

Hope Springs Eternal: Lauren Solotar Readies May Institute for Challenges to Come
Dr. Lauren C Solotar, President and CEO of May Institute, is selected as one of 23 Women of Influence in 2015 by the Boston Business Journal. "Top female executives driving change in the Greater Boston economy." more

Dr. Bob Putnam Co-authors Response to Commentaries on PBIS (Behavior Analysis in Practice)
Robert F. Putnam, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Executive Vice President, Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports for May Institute, was recently published in Behavior Analysis in Practice (BAP). more

2015 Trustees' Fund Awards Recipients Celebrated!
Congratulations to all of May Institute's Trustee Award winners! more

Mentees, Mentors Set Goals; Program Launches
?May Institute’s Mentoring Program kicked off in October! more

Giving Tuesday!

When Help Is Extra Special: Students Serve Meals and Learn that Giving is Receiving

Framework for Diversity Success: From Micro-Inequities to Building a Culture of Respect, Trust and Greater Understanding
The term “micro-inequities” refers to the ways in which people are singled out, overlooked, ignored or otherwise devalued. more

May Institute was Proud to Host Stars and Rain Educational Institute for Autism from Beijing
They spent two days with us, observing and learning about May services including our schools, home-based services, and school consultation services. more

October is Rett Syndrome Awareness Month.
According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, Rett syndrome is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects girls almost exclusively. more

Successful Fundraiser for May Center School in Woburn, Mass.
Woburn's Noodles & Co. donates $1,000 to May Center School located in Woburn, Mass. more

Dr. Beth Jerskey, May Institute’s VP of Professional Training and Research, Co-authors Research Article in the American Journal of Medical Genetics
Beth Jerskey, Ph.D., May Institute’s Vice President of Professional Research and Training, co-authored a research article that was recently published in the American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics. more

Step by Step to Success: Helping young adults move out of the classroom and into the community
As published in Exceptional Parent magazine. more

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month!
Improving employment opportunities for adults with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) benefits the business community and helps these individuals become more independent. more

September is Safety Month!
Randolph May Center School is celebrating September Safety Month. more

Cradles to Crayons
This May Institute Employee-driven project was aimed at providing shoes and socks to children who are living without. more

Keep Calm and Clip On!
Declan and the May Center in Brockton are Looking for Your Support – and Your Box Tops! more

Travel to China Opens Doors to Collaboration and Sharing Expertise
“We are very excited about collaborating with Stars and Rain to improve services for children and adolescents with ASD in China.” – Dr. Lauren C. Solotar, May Institute President and CEO more

Does Your Child Need Behavioral Health Services?
Perhaps the place to start is by applying for MassHealth insurance (for families living in Massachusetts only). more

The Bay School's Summer Raffle - Be a Winner!
The Bay School, a May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities, is holding an exciting Summer Raffle to raise funds for student curriculum and technology! more

Have You Heard?
May Institute Is On WBUR 90.9 FM in Massachusetts! more

Wellness Team Challenge – The Results Are In!
May's Spring Wellness Team Challenge kicked off with more employee participants than we imagined, and what fun! more

Florida Staff Celebrate May Institute’s 60th Birthday in Style

May Institute Clinician Dr. Robert F. Putnam Co-authors Review Published in Behavior Analysis in Practice
Robert F. Putnam, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Executive Vice President, Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) for May Institute, co-authored an article about PBIS and applied behavior analysis (ABA) that was published in Behavior Analysis in Practice. more

May School Parents and Caregivers Meet and Support Each Other
“I would highly recommend this group to other parents,” says Sabrina. “It is a very comfortable and inviting open forum that maintains confidentiality and anonymity and provides a great way for finding information, seeking help...” more

Does Someone You Love Have Autism, Brain Injury, or Special Needs?
One of many events throughout our 60th year to introduce you to individuals who are personally impacted by autism, brain injury, or special needs. more

The Bay School Celebrates May Institute’s 60th Birthday
Staff members at The Bay School, a May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in Santa Cruz, Calif. recently celebrated May Institute’s 60th birthday in style. more

National Nurses Week 2015
We are celebrating National Nurses' Week, which ends on May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale. In honor of the remarkable nurses that work at May Institute, we are going to highlight and introduce you to one nurse a day. more

Legislators Visit May Center School for Brain Injury
The May Center School for Brain Injury and Related Disorders in Brockton, Mass., was proud to host their “Invite Your Legislator to School Day" during Brain Injury Awareness Month in March. more

Celebrating Shirley!
?Congratulations to Shirley Gan celebrating 20 years with the May Center School for Brain Injury and Related Disorders! more

2014 Trustees' Fund Awards Recipients Celebrated!
Congratulations to all six of May Institute's Trustee Award winners. more

Snow Dragon Comes to Life!
When Jen Vanora - our amazing art teacher, came to me with an idea to create a snow dragon I was drawn in immediately by the obvious excitement. Jen had a wonderful idea, a plan to execute, and I wanted to support her! It is this kind of out-of-the-box thinking that makes our school so special - Thank you to Jen and all the others - student and staff alike who went along with it! more

Meet U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Daniel Small
Today Staff Sargeant Small presented May Institute with an American flag that was flown over Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan. more

Day Hab Participants Package Up Sweet Treats for our Troops
Individuals from the Adult Day Habilitation program in Randolph, Mass., have landed quite a sweet gig. more

The May Daycare and Preschool in Randolph, Mass., held its first annual Rodman Ride-a-Thon Fundraiser
Congratulations to all the kids, and big thanks to all who supported their efforts, which raised almost $2500! more

The Bay School named a “Charity of Choice” for California Chili Cook-Off, wins $750 prize!
The Bay School is chosen as the chosen charity for local real estate office Aldina Realty, wins 2nd place and $750.00 in a Chili Cook off! more

Expansion of May Centers for Autism Spectrum Disorder Support Military Families

May Institute Clinicians Melanie DuBard and James Luiselli Co-author Study in the Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities
May Institute clinicians Melanie Dubard, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Vice President of Clinical and Educational Services, and James K. Luiselli, Ed.D., ABPP, BCBA-D, Senior Vice President of Applied Research, Clinical Training, and Peer Review, are co-authors of a study published in the Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities. more

Rodman Ride for Kids 2014 Was Terrific!
Hooray for our riders, corporate sponsors, and donors! more

May Institute Clinicians Co-author Study on Functional Analysis and Treating Aggressive Behavior
James K. Luiselli, Ed.D., ABPP, BCBA-D, Senior Vice President of Applied Research, Clinical Training, and Peer Review, and Gary M. Pace, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Senior Vice President of Neurorehabilitation Services, are co-authors of a new study. more

Internships Help Pave Way for Clinicians and Researchers
May Institute is pleased to welcome our 2014-2015 doctoral intern class! Our incoming interns are Tiffany Born, Traci Taber, Greg Schutte, Whitney Wood, Kira Branch, Camila Godoy-Delgado, Lauren Carbonell, and Matthew Roth. more

HUB International New England Tees Up Support
We were pleased to welcome representatives from HUB International New England LLC, a leading North American insurance brokerage and May Institute business partner, to our Randolph campus recently. more

May Institute Clinician Co-authors Research Study on Effectiveness of Treatment Integrity Training Methods
James K. Luiselli, Ed.D., ABPP, BCBA-D, Senior Vice President of Applied Research, Clinical Training, and Peer Review for May Institute, has co-authored an article published in Behavior Analysis in Practice, a peer- publication designed to provide science-based, best-practice information relevant to service delivery in behavior analysis. more

Not Your Average Joe's Fundraiser for the May Center School for Brain Injury and Related Disorders

May Institute's Dr. James Luiselli, editor of new book on advances and innovations in ASD
James K. Luiselli, Ed.D., ABPP, BCBA-D, May Institute’s Senior Vice President of Applied Research, Clinical Training, and Peer Review, is the editor of Children and Youth With Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). more

A Special Thank You…
to Helena Jones-Wreh and Fred Mugaga for helping to raise awareness among May staff about the plight of girls in Liberia. more

Discovering Cultural Sensitivity
May Institute’s Diversity & Inclusion Council recently hosted Dr. Hugo Kamya, a professor of clinical practice, trauma, and narrative therapies at Simmons College of Social Work. more

Bloom where you are planted!
Taking advantage of long-awaited summer-like weather during two recent weekends, parents, teachers, administrators, students, and their siblings joined together to plant flowers in the yards of our eight group homes in Randolph, Mass. more

B. F. Skinner: The Scientist as a Father
Julie S. Vargas, Ph.D., longtime educator, former president of the Association for Behavior Analysis International, and daughter of the renowned scientist B.F. Skinner, recently delivered a presentation at May Institute’s corporate headquarters in Randolph, Mass. more

Our own "angels" -- our Nurses!
May 7, 2014, was set aside to honor the dedication and hard work of our nurses as we celebrated nurses’ week. more

La Casa Es Donde Esta el Corazón - Home is Where the Heart is
In Western Mass., May Institute has taken great pride and care in providing a unique residence for four elderly gentlemen with developmental and physical disabilities. All four once called Puerto Rico home. more

Does someone you love have autism? Share your story with us!

A Community of Caring
Declan came to the May Center School for Brain Injury and Related Disorders when he was 9 years old. A rare brain tumor and the resulting brain injury altered the course of his life at a young age. more

Meet Jalisa through her Mother Sue - Parent at May School for Brain Injury and Related Disorders
"When she came to the May, I saw an immense leap...They just knew how to teach her. They treat her appropriately, and she responds appropriately." more

"Wanna have a catch, Dad?"
For a child on the autism spectrum, some everyday tasks can be challenging and at times impossible. But for one student, fulfilling his dad's wish to play catch with his son, was a wish he could finally grant. more

And then I met Nick. —Erica's Story

2013 Trustees' Fund Awards Recipients Celebrated!
Trustees’ Fund Award recognizes staff members from across the organization who exemplify May Institute’s ideals of service and professionalism. more

Back to School - Tips to help students with special needs enjoy the experience!
Is your child with special needs heading back to school this fall? To ensure that his or her experience is as successful and enjoyable as possible, here are some suggestions. more

Summer Safety Tips for Parents of Children with Autism and Other Special Needs
Check out safety tips for parents of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other special needs. more

National Impact in the Field of PBIS
Dr. Robert F. Putnam has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Association of Positive Behavior Support. more

Gifts from the Heart

Fernandes Center Celebrates 15th Anniversary

In Memoriam — Catherine Coburn
May Institute honors long-time member of its Board of Trustees. more

Coming Together After Boston Marathon Bombings
Staff at the Randolph May Center school came together to send messages of support to the Boston community after the Marathon bombings last month. more

It All Starts at Home - Blended family, home-based therapy help young man with autism make his way in the world
As published in the April 2013 issue of Exceptional Parent magazine. more

Brain Disorders - Braving the Unknown
As published in the March 2013 issue of Exceptional Parent magazine. more

May Students Help Create Winter Wonderland for Newtown's Children
This May Center school helped create a Winter Wonderland for students relocating from Sandy Hook Elementary to their new school in Newtown, Conn. more

High Tech/High Touch - iPad helps boy with autism celebrate his coming of age
As published in the November 2012 issue of Exceptional Parent magazine. more

A New Year's Message from Dr. Solotar, President/CEO

Responding to the Connecticut Shootings: Talking to Children About Violence

Siblings Teach Each Other About Life
Meet Kyle and Maggie more

Kids with Autism Learn How to Connect, Thanks to CVS Grant

Introducing May Institute's 2011 Annual Report
A year of progress and accomplishments at May Institute. Personal stories, facts and figures, and donor listings from 2011. more

"I Ride for Bryanna."
Bob O'Connor talks about his motivation for riding in the Rodman Ride for Kids. more

“Why I Ride...”
One rider shares his reasons for being a part of the Rodman Rid for Kids. more

How Far Would YOU Go to Support Our Programs for Kids with Special Needs?
Would you kiss a pig?? more

Fournier Center Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony Brings Family and Friends Together
The Center is the most recent addition to the May Center school campus in Randolph, Mass. Its mission is to help young people with autism secure meaningful employment and achieve greater independence. more

Summer Safety Tips for Parents of Children with Autism and Other Special Needs
In recognition of National Safety Month, we offer the following safety tips for parents of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other special needs. more

"When Words Hurt" -- Parent Feedback Playing a Vital Role in Enriching Community Dialogue About Autism
Recent parent surveys, for civilian and military families that had children with autism, are part of a broader initiative to develop communications to help educate the public on how to be more supportive of the autism community. more

Randolph Garden Club, Town Leadership, and Staff Celebrate Arbor Day
The Randolph Garden Club and May Institute commemorated Arbor Day with its own celebration that brought together club members, neighbors, Randolph town officials, children and adults served at May Institute, and staff. more

Guide Developed by National Autism Center and Families Helps Parents Cut Through the Clutter
Parent authors/contributors Janet Amorello and Katherine Bray share their experiences and offer strategies. more

Top 10 Experts' Q&As about Autism
Some of our most popular Q&As authored by our autism experts. more

Parent to Parent: Making Sense of a Catastrophic Brain Injury
More than three years after surviving a traumatic brain injury, the parents of 20-year-old Zack share what the recovery process has looked like for their son, themselves, and their family. more

Technology and Creativity Help Student and Family Realize Milestone
With the support of his family, teachers, and Rabbi -- and some help from his iPad -- Matthew Emmi, a 12-year-old boy with autism, recently celebrated his bar mitvah. more

“Night of Stars” 2011 Prom
The 2011 Randolph May Center prom, a “Night of Stars,” was definitely a night to remember for participating students and their families. more

Calm Amidst Chaos As Tornado Touches Down In Springfield
Kevin Jones, an Assistant Program Coordinator of 20 years, remembers the seconds before the devastating tornado showed up at the doorstep of a W. Springfield residence. more

Giving Thanks to Military Families
During Military Family Appreciation Month in November — and every month — we extend our profound gratitude to military families stationed across the country and throughout the world. more

In Memory of Dr. Allen C. Crocker
Dr. Crocker served on May Institute’s Board of Directors for more than 30 years. Through the years, he became a dear friend, trusted colleague, and invaluable resource to those of us who had the privilege of knowing and working with him. more

Shared Optimism, Work Ethic Breed Independence
What do 83-years-young Gasper and 28-year-old Matt have in common? That’s easy – a big heart, a global healthcare giant, and a deep appreciation of family. more

May Center Student-Athletes Focus on Teamwork in Special Olympics
The May Center Mayhem traveled to Worcester to represent the Institute in the Special Olympics of Massachusetts (SOMA) State Tournament. more

Meet Will: Our Student Government Representative to the Massachusetts State House
Fifteen-year-old Will, a student at our school for children and adolescents with brain injury, recently joined more than 300 teens from across... more

North Carolina Center Hosts Family Social and Easter Egg Hunt
The day was packed with outdoor fun for parents, children, and families. more

May Clinician Dr. Donaldson of the Fernandes Center for Children and Families Completes Leadership Southcoast Program
Each year, the program selects motivated individuals from the south coast of Massachusetts to take part in a ten-month program designed to hone their leadership skills. more

More Named SIM President
Congratulations to Kevin More, M.B.A., our Vice President of Information Systems, who has been elected President of the Boston Society for Information Management (SIM). more

Marking Autism Awareness Month — A message from our CEO
We are as committed as ever to educating communities, treating individuals and families, and advancing the field of autism and developmental disabilities. more

May Institute - 2010 Annual Report
A year of progress and accomplishments at May Institute. Personal stories, facts and figures, and donor listings from 2010. more

Rodman Ride Raises More than $193,000 in 2010 for our Children’s Services
To date, the Rodman Ride For Kids, an umbrella matching gift charity that raises funds for social service agencies that support at-risk kids in Massachusetts, has helped May Institute raise over $600,000... more

Holiday Drawing Contest a Big Success!
Browse through all the great entries in our Holiday Drawing Contest. more

Our California School Welcomes Congressman Farr
The Congressman learned more about the diverse needs of children on the autism spectrum, and about the importance of intensive, individualized treatment. more

May Institute’s Dr. Susan Wilczynski Moderates the Breakthroughs: Autism Panel at Big Think
Joining the discussion were Dr. Gerald D. Fischbach, Dr. Christopher A. Walsh, and Dr. Susan Bookheimer. more

A Common Purpose Unites West Springfield Staff
May Institute employees in western Massachusetts came together to support our children's programs through the 2010 Rodman Ride for Kids. more

Appreciating the Little Things - Randolph Students Shine at Winter Showcase
The event featured a winter-themed art exhibit and musical extravaganza, where students from ages 3 to 22 sang, played, and danced to their favorite songs. more

Fall Festival Celebration in Jacksonville, N.C.
Families enjoyed pony and carriage rides, painting pumpkins, an obstacle course, decorating cookies, and practicing new skills, and then shared a wonderful lunch. more

Celebrating Thomas!
Adorned in his cap and gown and wearing a very big smile, Thomas is a proud high school graduate. more

May Institute Community Pedals to the Rodman Ride Finish Line!
A very successful Rodman Ride for Kids just took place this past weekend! Every dollar we raise through the Ride will directly benefit our children's programs. more

Special Olympics Offers a Different Kind of Classroom
David Ortiz and Phil Mickelson may be two of the biggest names at Fenway Park and on the PGA tour respectively, but they were not the only players shining on the field and on the links this summer. more

Randolph May Center Staff Honored
The entire staff from the May Center residential and teaching community in Randolph, Mass., recently had the opportunity to recognize their peers’ significant contributions to May Institute. more

Thank You for Making our 7th Annual “Summer Swing” Golf Tournament and Family Outing a Success!
Golfers of all levels enjoyed beautiful weather and a day of networking, friendly competition and prizes. Players competed for first and second place... more

In Memory of Dr. O. Ivar Lovaas, Autism Pioneer
May Institute joins the autism community in mourning the loss of one of the true pioneers in the field of autism, O. Ivar Lovaas, Ph.D. This world-renowned expert devoted his life to improving the lives of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and their families. more

Family Fun for Camp Lejeune Children
Families who receive services from the Center came together and shared a meal and playtime. more

May Institute Services for Military Families Expand to Fort Hood in Texas
May Institute is proud to announce the opening of our newest Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas. more

Atlanta Staff Making Strides for Autism
Employees from our Southeast regional office in Atlanta, Ga., recently put on their walking shoes to participate in the Walk Now for Autism Speaks more

A Tribute to Joyce Keenan, RN
Our long-time friend and co-worker Joyce Keenan passed away on June 9, 2010. She worked at the Geriatric-Day Adult Day Health Program in West Roxbury for the past 24 years. more

TBS Students Show Teachers Gratitude and Love
The Bay School recently celebrated its teachers at the school’s first annual “Teacher Appreciation Day.” more

Priscilla Blew Retires After Three Decades Touching Countless Lives
Priscilla has left an indelible mark at May Institute. She has significantly impacted the lives of many hundreds of children from across the country who have benefited from her expertise, compassion, and dedication. more

May Institute Welcomes Icelandic Teachers to Randolph Campus
May Institute was pleased to welcome a group of educators from Iceland this past month. The group, comprised mainly of preschool teachers, visited the Randolph campus to learn about our programs and services more

Safety Event Hits Home for Families and Children with Special Needs
May Institute’s Southeast Regional Autism Center recently teamed up with Safe Kids Columbus to address child safety concerns, including wandering, for children with special needs at the 2nd Annual Salute to Safety held in Columbus, Ga. more

Massachusetts Clubhouse Coalition Honors May Institute
The Institute was one of 38 companies honored at MCC’s annual employer awards dinner held at the State House in Boston. more

Staff and Friends of Woburn May Center “Light It Up Blue”
When the staff at the May Center School in Woburn, Mass., heard about “Light It Up Blue,” they knew it was the perfect way to participate in World Autism Awareness Day. more

May Institute welcomes international experts Drs. Robert and Lynn Koegel for Distinguished Lecture Series
On March 26, 2010, May Institute was delighted to welcome Dr. Robert Koegel and Dr. Lynn Kern Koegel, international experts in the field of autism. more

Rodman Ride Raises More Than $173,000 for Critical Children’s Services at May Institute
Among this year’s distinguished group of riders were May Institute staff, Board of Trustee members, business partners, parents, and friends. more

Massachusetts Representative Jim Dwyer Visits May Center for Child Development in Woburn
Representative Dwyer enjoyed a tour of the school, often stopping to engage individual students in conversation or offering them his signature “high-five.” more

May Institute Welcomes Governor Deval Patrick to Randolph Campus
Governor Patrick visited our corporate headquarters and the Randolph May Center for Child Development school this week. more

May Institute President/CEO weighs in on the importance of early autism diagnosis
A letter from Dr. Walter P. Christian, President and CEO of May Institute, regarding the critical need for early autism diagnosis. more

Help Us Cross the Finish Line!
We are less than $8,000 from reaching our fundraising goal of $150,000 and receiving an additional 15 percent match from the Rodman Ride for Kids. more

Peter F. Gerhardt lectures at May Institute as part of ongoing “Distinguished Lecture Series.”
Dr. Gerhardt gave an engaging and often humorous talk about the challenges of helping individuals on the autism spectrum move from youth to adulthood. more

Exceptional Parent magazine features May Institute services that target military families
For the past several years, May Institute’s Office of Communications has partnered with Exceptional Parent magazine to provide a series of informative articles more

Autism Services for Military Families Expand to North Carolina
May Institute opens a new Southeast Regional Autism Center in Jacksonville, N.C., serving military families in the Camp Lejeune area. more

Family Night At The Brockton Rox Features Live Performance of New Single “All He Has To Say”
Award-winning recording sensation, aika, lights up the stadium with her emotional performance of “All He Has To Say.” more

Going for Gold
Student-Athletes from the May Center for Child Development in Randolph, Mass., Win Medal at Special Olympics. more

May Institute Mourns the Loss of Edward G. Carr, Ph.D.
Edward G. Carr, Ph.D., BCBA, was an international pioneer in autism treatment research and a dear friend and esteemed colleague of May Institute. more

“What Does Autism Look Like?” May Institute and MBTA Promote Autism Awareness
The campaign, featuring large poster and car cards in MBTA stations, was displayed through the month of April, Autism Awareness Month. more

Partnerships and Affiliations
May Institute is committed to expanding its mission by building relationships and developing partnerships. more

California Center Meeting a Need
May Institute opens the new Pediatric Specialty Center in San Jose, Calif. more

A Celebration of Community
May Institute's Towne House Clubhouse Acknowledges Support of Community at Thanksgiving. more

May Institute CEO Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award by Boston Business Journal
Dr. Christian is honored as the 2008 “Champion of Health Care” Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. more

Dr. Dennis C. Russo Named International ABA Fellow
May Institute Chief Clinical Officer named a 2008 Fellow of the Association for Behavior Analysis International. more

May Institute Expands Global Reach; Shares Expertise With International Colleagues
Our expertise in the fields of applied behavior analysis and Positive Behavior Support has helped us forge new alliances with educators in Poland and Iceland. more

A Day to Celebrate! Donors Recognized at Ribbon-Cutting for New Residence
Life-long friends Brendan, Michael, and George have a lovely new home in Easton, Mass., thanks to a group of generous donors and a caring community. more

Prom Night in the Tropics
Students from the May Center for Education and Neurorehabilitation, our school for children and adolescents with brain injury, danced the night away at the schools’ biennial prom. more

The Bay School Open House Draws Over 250 Attendees
“The new setting and program will support one of the most important times in our children’s lives.” more

U.S. Senate Hosts Autism Exhibition
Senator Edward Kennedy among the viewers of the Faces and Voices of Autism photo exhibition on display during Autism Awareness Month. more

May Institute President Named ABA Fellow; Joins Elite International Group
May Institute President and CEO Walter P. Christian, Ph.D., ABPP, has been named a Fellow of the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI). One of only 47 ABA Fellows worldwide, more

Fernandes Center for Children & Families Celebrates 10th Anniversary
Center marks a decade of providing outpatient care to children who have special healthcare needs with a unique, first-in-the-nation program. more

Teens Hit the Slopes
Teens from our Children’s Services program in Fall River, Mass., skied the slopes at Wachusett Mountain as part of a unique therapeutic outdoor recreation initiative. more

In Memory of Todd R. Risley, Ph.D
Over the past 30 years, Dr. Risley's guidance and support have been major factors in the development of May Institute’s programs and services and its rise to national prominence in the field. more

Brain Injury School Celebrates Graduation!
Families, friends, fellow students, and May Center staff packed the gymnasium on a beautiful spring afternoon to celebrate more

Saluting South Shore Leaders
May Institute and the Massachusetts Department of Mental Retardation’s (DMR) South Coastal Area Citizen Advisory Board recently honored legislators and community leaders. more

May Institute Joins $1.2M UMass Study; Autism Speaks Grant Focuses on Early Intervention
Proponents hope the study will positively impact long-term outcomes for children with autism spectrum disorders. more

Winterfest Warms Hearts in Woburn
Moms, dads, grandparents, siblings, and friends gathered recently at the Woburn May Center school for children with autism to celebrate Winterfest! more

Daring Dippers!
Nineteen very brave and fun-spirited teachers and staff from two of our Centers recently took an icy, early morning plunge into the waters of Nantasket Beach. more