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Below is our Industry News Feed prior to April 2014. Please note: links to online articles may no longer be active or may require registration on the site. You may contact the outlet directly for further assistance.

12/1/16 , Oman Daily Observer
Sultanate’s autism rate grows by 10 to 17 percent, within global average

03/27/14 , Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CDC Estimates 1 in 68 Children has Been Identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder; Latest Snapshot Shows Proportion of Children with Autism and Higher IQ on the Rise

10/1/13 , Autism Speaks
October is National Disability Awareness Month

10/1/13 , Disability Scoop
What the Shutdown Means For Disability Services

09/26/13 , Autism Speaks
Harkin Unveils 4-Point Jobs Plan For 'ADA Generation'

09/16/13 , Disability Scoop
Special Education Spending Declines

08/14/13 , Autism Speaks
Welcome #34! Oregon Enacts Autism Insurance Reform

08/14/13 , Disability Scoop
Sony, Amazon Want Accessibility Exemption

08/13/13 , USA Today
Brain Changes of Autism May Begin in the Womb

08/13/13 , Disability Scoop
Obama On UN Disability Treaty: ‘Get It Done’

08/13/13 , Disability Scoop
Inducing Labor May Increase Autism Risk

08/12/13 , Autism Speaks
Kaiser to Reimburse CA Families $9.3 million for ABA, Speech

08/12/13 ,
Autism Is Likely Under-Diagnosed in Women Due to Gender Bias

08/11/13 , New York Times
Autism’s Unexpected Link to Cancer Genes

08/9/13 , Disability Scoop
Study Points To Bullying Risk Factors For Kids With Autism

08/7/13 , Disability Scoop
Parent ‘Optimism Training’ May Reduce Behavior Problems

08/6/13 , Disability Scoop
Governors Put Focus On People With Disabilities

08/5/13 , Disability Scoop
With Training, Most With Autism Land Jobs

08/2/13 , New York Times
F.D.A. Sets a Standard on Labeling ‘Gluten Free

08/2/13 , Disability Scoop
Social Security To Drop ‘Mental Retardation’

07/31/13 , Disability Scoop
Obamas To Chair Special Olympics World Games

07/31/13 , Autism Speaks
NY Clears Roadblock to ABA Insurance Coverage

07/31/13 , Autism Speaks
Autism Speaks Analyzes Military's New ABA Policies

07/30/13 , Disability Scoop
Siblings Impacted By Disabilities Too, Study Finds

07/30/13 , Disability Scoop
Subminimum Wage Plan Divides Disability Advocates

07/24/13 , Autism Speaks
District of Columbia Signs On to Autism Insurance Reform

07/16/13 , Disability Scoop
Senator Calls For Transition Action Pla

07/16/13 , Disability Scoop
States Show Improvement In Special Education

06/30/13 , New York Times
Working to Combat the Stigma of Autism

06/28/13 , Disability Scoop
Obesity Impacting More With Disabilities

06/26/13 , Disability Scoop
Study: Charters Edge Out Neighborhood Schools In Special Education

06/25/13 , Disability Scoop
Race, Ethnicity May Influence Access To Autism Care

05/14/13 , Disability Scoop
For Kids With Autism, Motion Seems Twice As Fast

05/14/13 , Autism Society of America
Update on the Diagnosis Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5)

05/10/13 , Disability Scoop
Obama Administration Looks To Improve Transition Outcomes

05/8/13 , Disability Scoop
Study: Nearly 1 In 3 With Autism Socially Isolated

05/7/13 , Disability Scoop
New Autism Brain Bank In Works

05/6/13 , Disability Scoop
In Decade’s Time, Childhood Disabilities Rise 16 Percent

05/6/13 , Disability Scoop
Feds To Move Away From DSM

03/27/13 , Disability Scoop
Robots Show Promise For Social Skills Development

03/23/13 , Disability Scoop
Disability Bias Clouding Organ Transplants, Report Finds

03/22/13 , Autism Speaks
Congress Reacts to New 1 in 50 Prevalence Report

03/20/13 , Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Changes in Prevalence of Parent-reported Autism Spectrum Disorder in School-aged U.S. Children: 2007 to 2011–2012

03/20/13 , ABC News
1 in 50 School Kids Has Autism, CDC Says

03/20/13 , WBUR
Harvard Study: Women Abused Young More Likely To Have Autistic Children

03/20/13 , Disability Scoop
National Standard Urged For Autism Coverage

03/19/13 , Autism Speaks
U.S. Census: High Unemployment, Low Wages Plague Disability Community

03/18/13 , Disability Scoop
Aggression A Struggle For 1 In 2 With Autism

03/18/13 , Disability Scoop
Aggression A Struggle For 1 In 2 With Autism

03/14/13 , Disability Scoop
Autism Changes With Age, Study Finds

03/4/13 , Autism Speaks
Many Nonverbal Children with Autism Overcome Severe Language Delays

03/1/13 , Disability Scoop
Autism, Psychiatric Disorders Close Genetic Cousins

02/19/13 , Boston Globe
Girls May be Protected Against Autism, New Study Finds

01/30/13 , New York Times
New Jersey Asks for Help to Halt Fraud by Guardians

01/25/13 , Disability Scoop
Feds: Schools Must Open Sports To Kids With Disabilities

01/25/13 , Autism Speaks
Prenatal Inflammation Linked to Autism Risk

01/23/13 , Disability Scoop
Families Deeply Impacted By Autism Aggression, Study Finds

01/22/13 , Time
New Study Suggests Autism Can be ‘Outgrown’

01/21/13 , Disability Scoop
After Criticism, DSM Committee Changes Course

01/9/13 , Disability Scoop
Study Questions Early Intervention Eligibility Criteria

01/8/13 , Autism Speaks
Autism Benefits Lagging Under Federal Health Care Reform

01/7/13 , Autism Speaks
Florida Appeals Federal Order to Cover ABA Under Medicaid

01/3/13 , Autism Speaks
Obama Signs Bill Expanding ABA Care for Military Kids

12/19/12 , Autism Speaks
Top Ten Autism Research Advances of 2012

12/18/12 , Autism Society of America
Autism Society: No Link Between Autism and Planned Violence

12/6/12 , Boston Globe
Boston Children’s Hospital Works on Autism Test

12/5/12 , Disability Scoop
Sibling Caregivers Find Responsibilities A Struggle

12/4/12 , Disability Scoop
More Special Education Students Receiving Diplomas

12/4/12 , Disability Scoop
Senate Rejects UN Disability Treaty

12/4/12 , Disability Scoop
Study Warns Of Chelation Therapy Risks

11/14/12 , Disability Scoop
Feds Accuse City Of Barring Group Homes

11/13/12 , Disability Scoop
Congress Urged To Create Tax-Free Disability Savings Accounts

10/30/12 , HealthDay
Autism Tough to Spot Before 6 Months of Age, Study Suggests

10/26/12 , Autism Speaks
UPDATED: New ABA Benefit for Federal Employees to be Offered in 2013

10/26/12 , New York Times
Testing Autism and Air Travel

10/19/12 , Autism Speaks
4 Senators Press HHS on Autism Coverage

10/10/12 , Disability Scoop
Millions Earmarked For Disability Housing Supports

10/9/12 , Autism Speaks
State Exchanges Yielding Mixed Results on Autism Benefits

09/5/12 , Autism Speaks
GOP, Democratic Platforms: 'Autism' Makes the Cut

09/5/12 , Disability Scoop
Feds Begin Rollout Of Community Living Program

09/4/12 , Disability Scoop
Autism Research Gets $100 Million Boost

09/3/12 , Chicago Tribune
Almost Half of Teens with Autism Bullied: Study

08/30/12 , Autism Speaks
Inaugural IACC Report on Autism Research

08/28/12 , Seattle Times
Lawsuit Victory for Treatment of Autism

08/28/12 , Autism Speaks
New TRICARE Policy Shortchanges Military Families

08/27/12 , Autism Society of America
Diagnosis Often Missed for Hispanic Children with Developmental Delay, Autism

08/25/12 , New York Times
An Immune Disorder at the Root of Autism

08/23/12 , Disability Scoop
Feds Recommend Phasing Out Subminimum Wage

08/22/12 , New York Times
Father’s Age is Linked to Risk of Autism and Schizophrenia

08/21/12 , Disability Scoop
In First, FDA Approves Autism Stem Cell Trial

08/10/12 , University of California Davis
Research Shows Gene Defect's Role in Autism-like Behavior

07/19/12 , Disability Scoop
Feds Redouble Disability Employment Efforts

07/18/12 , Autism Speaks
New Study Finds Autism Insurance, Mental Health Parity Laws Helping Families

07/17/12 , Disability Scoop
Autism Costs Vary Sharply State To State

07/17/12 , Disability Scoop
Parent Reporting Shows Promise In Developmental Screening

07/13/12 , Boston Globe
Boston Special-needs List Could Aid Emergency Crews

07/12/12 , Autism Society of America
Autism Society Creates Platform Recommendations for Presidential Campaigns

07/12/12 , Autism Speaks
One Gene, One Drug Affect Autism Behaviors in Mouse Model

07/9/12 , Autism Speaks
New Evidence Links Immune Irregularities to Autism

07/2/12 , UNC School of Medicine
Autism, Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder May Share Common Underlying Factors

06/29/12 , Autism Speaks
Brain Activity Differs in Infant Siblings of Children with Autism

06/29/12 , Disability Scoop
Autism Surge Due To Diagnostic Changes, Analysis Finds

06/29/12 , Disability Scoop
Health Care Ruling A Win, Disability Advocates Say

06/28/12 , Autism Speaks
Gov. Chafee Signs Bills Strengthening 2011 R.I. Reform Law

06/27/12 , Autism Speaks
Make it 31, Alaska Insurance Bill to Become Law

06/21/12 , Autism Speaks
Senate Armed Services Grills DoD on TRICARE Autism Coverage

06/20/12 , Disability Scoop
Charter Schools Serving Fewer Students With Disabilities

06/19/12 , The New York Times
Competitors Form Partnership to Develop Autism Drugs

06/13/12 , UC Davis MIND Institute
Folic Acid Intake During Early Pregnancy Associated with Reduced Risk of Autism in Offspring

06/12/12 , Disability Scoop
Apple Lineup To Become More Disability Friendly

06/12/12 , Disability Scoop
Goodwill Takes Heat For Paying Those With Disabilities Less

06/11/12 , WBUR 90.9 AM
Freezer Meltdown Could Seriously Impede Autism Research

06/4/12 , NPR
What's Different About the Brains of People With Autism?

05/29/12 , Disability Scoop
DSM Committee Takes Heat Over "Mental Retardation" Update

05/29/12 , Stanford University School of Medicine
Antioxidant Shows Promise as Treatment for Certain Features of Autism, Study Finds

05/25/12 , Disability Scoop
Most With Autism Diagnosed Late, Study Finds

05/25/12 , Disability Scoop
States Struggle To Meet Community Living Goals

05/24/12 , Autism Speaks
Pregnancy, Fever and Autism

05/23/12 , Disability Scoop
Arizona Tops 50-State Ranking of Disability Services

05/22/12 , Disability Scoop
Report: 'Ashley Treatment' Violates Disability Rights

05/21/12 , Disability Scoop
Walgreens Expands Disability Employment Effort Nationwide

05/19/12 , Autism Speaks
Teachers ID Undiagnosed Preschoolers

05/16/12 , HealthDay
Many Parents of Kids With Autism Don't Put Faith in Pediatricians

05/14/12 , MSNBC
1 in 3 Autistic Young Adults Lack Jobs, Education

05/12/12 , Boston Globe
Autistic Jazz Savant Graduates from Berklee

05/9/12 , Wall Street Journal
Targeting Child's Play to Help Tackle Autism

05/7/12 , Kansas State University
A Place to Play: Researcher designs schoolyard for children with autism

05/3/12 , Autism Society of America
Researchers at Hebrew University Identify Genetic Systems Disrupted in Brain of Individual with Autism

05/3/12 , Disability Scoop
Final Input Sought On DSM Autism Changes

05/1/12 , National Disability Rights Network
Devaluing people With Disabilities: Medical Procedures that Violate Civil Rights

03/30/12 , HealthDay
Two-Thirds of Kids with Autism Have Been Bullied: Study

03/30/12 , CNN
Ten Siblings Support Their Autistic Brother

03/29/12 , CNN
CDC: U.S. Kids with Autism up 78% in Past Decade

01/10/12 , 20/20
20/20: From Miracle to Nightmare

12/29/11 , Autism Society of America
TSA Launches Helpline for Passengers with Disabilities and their Families

12/29/11 , Autism Society of America
Autism Society Applauds Sen. Tom Harkin for Introducing Keeping All Students Safe Act

12/26/11 , New York Times
Navigating Love and Autism

12/14/11 , Boston Globe
New MIT Center Will Focus on Better Diagnosis, Treatment of Autism

11/28/11 , UC Davis Health System
Boys with Regressive Autism, But Not Early Onset Autism, Have Larger Brains than Age-matched Healthy Counterparts, Study Finds

10/17/11 , CNN
Low Birth Weight Linked to Autism

10/13/11 , Autism Speaks
Autism Speaks Funds Creation of World’s Largest Autism Genome Library

10/12/11 , ScienceDaily
Researcher Identifies Autism Employment Resources, Tips for People With Autism Spectrum Disorders

10/10/11 , ScienceDaily
Neuroscientists Pinpoint Specific Social Difficulties in People With Autism

10/6/11 , Autism Society of America
From Emotions to Advocacy

10/6/11 , Autism Society of America
Autism Society Joins AHRQ National Partnership

10/4/11 , Kennedy Krieger Institute
New Findings Validate the Accuracy of Autism Diagnosis in Children with Down Syndrome

09/30/11 , ScienceDaily
Promising Drug Treatment for Improving Language, Social Function in People With Autism

09/30/11 , Autism Society of America
President Obama Signs Combating Autism Reauthorization Act

09/20/11 , ScienceDaily
Autism, Intellectual Disabilities Related to Parental Age, Education and Ethnicity, Not Income, Utah Study Finds

09/18/11 , ScienceDaily
ADHD Symptoms Worsen Quality of Life for Individuals With Autism, Study Finds

09/18/11 , ScienceDaily
Children With Autism and Gastrointestinal Symptoms Have Altered Digestive Genes

09/16/11 , National Museum of Dentistry
National Museum of Dentistry Launches Oral Health Resource for Parents of Autistic Children

09/8/11 , CNN
Helping Adults with Autism

09/2/11 , CNN
Spotting Autism's Unique Shape in the Brain

08/25/11 , Autism Society of America

08/23/11 , Autism Speaks
New Autism Speaks Guide Helps Parents Better Understand and Navigate the IEP Process

08/18/11 , Autism Society of America
Making Choices: Exploring Campus Recreational and Social Opportunities

08/16/11 , New York Times
Autism Risk for Siblings Higher Than Expected

08/11/11 , Autism Society of America
Senate Committee to Consider the Combating Autism Reauthorization Act in September

08/1/11 , Autism Speaks
Autism Takes a Huge Leap Forward in Bangladesh

08/1/11 , Autism Speaks
Parents Say Wandering Common & Scary; Research & Guidance Needed

07/14/11 , San Francisco Chronicle
Blue Shield to Pay for Autism Behavioral Therapy

07/4/11 , Autism Speaks
Study Finds Pregnancy and Birth Environment May Affect Development of Autism in Twins

07/1/11 , Autism Speaks
Birth Complications and Autism

06/9/11 , NYDailyNews
Parents Still Have Lingering Doubts Over Dangers of Early Vaccinations for Children

06/9/11 , NPR
Nearly 1 In 7 People On Earth Is Disabled, Survey Finds

06/8/11 , Huffington Post
Autism Prevalence: Are More Children Really Developing ASD Now Than Before?

06/8/11 , Boston Globe
Are Chemicals Contributing to Autism Rise?

06/8/11 , WebMD
New Clues on Genetic Causes of Autism

06/2/11 , NPR
Looking For Early Signs Of Autism In Brain Waves

06/1/11 , Fox News Latino
Autism Rate Among Latinos Increases -- But Experts Say That's Good News

05/31/11 , Autism Society of America
U.S. Labor Department Announces Almost $20 Million to Fund State-Run Programs Aimed at Improving Employment Outcomes for People with Disabilities

05/31/11 , Autism Society of America
New Research May Lead to Improved Diagnosis of Autism

05/27/11 , US News & World Report
Parents Struggle to Find Blend of Therapies for Children with Mix of Behavioral Symptoms

05/25/11 , Boston Globe
Rotenberg Founder Set to Face Charges

05/25/11 , L.A. Times
Prenatal Vitamins Reduce the Risk of Autism by Half, Even More for Some Higher-risk Cases

05/18/11 , US News & World Report
Massachusetts Study Shows Sharp Rise in Early Autism Diagnoses

05/15/11 , Boston Globe
Logan Airport Practice Run Aims to Ease Travel for Autistic Children

05/13/11 , Disability Scoop
Autism Takes Heavy Toll on Dads

05/12/11 , Disability Scoop
32 Acres Acquired for Jacksonville Community for Special-needs Adults

05/11/11 , US News & World Report
Teen Boys With Autism at Risk of Being Bullied

05/9/11 , NPR
Study In South Korea Finds Higher Rate Of Autism

05/3/11 , Disability Scoop
Study: Rate Of Autism Equal For Children, Adults

05/2/11 , Boston Globe
Questionnaire Could Lead to Earlier Autism Screenings

05/1/11 , American Academy of Pediatrics
Screening Very Preterm Infants for Autism at 18 Months Often Inaccurate (pdf)

04/28/11 , WebMD
5-Minute Screen for Signs of Autism Works in 1-Year-Olds

04/27/11 , L.A. Times
A PBS Series Injects Doubt Back into the Autism Issue

04/26/11 , Disability Scoop
PBS Gets Earful in Response to Autism Series

04/22/11 , Autism Speaks
New Data Shows Half of All Children with Autism Wander and Bolt from Safe Places

04/21/11 , Autism Society of America
CMS Publishes Proposed Regulations on Home and Community-Based Services

04/17/11 , Philadelphia Inquirer
MacNeil Returns to PBS to Tell Story of Autism

04/15/11 , Autism Society of America
New Legislation Proposes to Meet Comprehensive Needs of All Affected by Autism

04/8/11 , ScienceDaily
Common Genetic Cause of Autism and Epilepsy Discovered

04/6/11 , Johns Hopkins Medicine
Gene Linked to Severity of Autism’s Social Dysfunction

04/4/11 , USA Today
Research: Autism Treatments Fall Short

04/1/11 , U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Statement by Secretary Sebelius on National Autism Awareness Month

04/1/11 , L.A. Times
Autism Awareness Month: Best Places to Live if You Have Autism

04/1/11 , Autism Society of America
The Autism Society Calls for Awareness and Action this April to Support 1 in 110 People with Autism in the United States

03/31/11 , Autism Society of America
The Autism Society Calls for the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) to Immediately Respond to the Crisis in Services and Supports for People with Autism

03/31/11 , Autism Society of America
A Call to Action: The Budget Crisis

03/30/11 , Autism Society of America
President and First Lady Call for a United Effort to Address Bullying

03/28/11 , Washington Post
McDonnell Seeks to Amend Bill Providing Insurance for Autistic Children

03/24/11 , Denver Post
CSU's Temple Grandin Says High Expectations Can Help Autistic Students Succeed

03/24/11 , U.S. News & World Report
Dangerous Wandering a Lesser Known Side of Autism

03/24/11 , Autism Society of America
Interest in Toys Predicts Effectiveness of Autism Treatment in Toddlers

03/15/11 , U.S. Department of Education
Secretary Duncan Vows to 'Move Away' from the 2 Percent Rule in Assessing Students with Disabilities

03/13/11 , Boston Globe
RI Bill Would Make Insurers Cover Autism Treatment

03/12/11 , New York Times
At State-Run Homes, Abuse and Impunity

03/10/11 , Autism Society of America
Improving Employment Opportunities for People with Intellectual Disabilities

03/6/11 , Wall Street Journal
More Autism Coverage

03/6/11 , Connecticut Post
EDUCATION MATTERS: Schools Using iPads to Help Autistic Students

03/4/11 , Autism Speaks
Arkansas Becomes the First State In 2011 And The 24th State Overall To Enact Autism Insurance Reform Legislation

02/24/11 , Autism Society of America
Autism Society Presents Public Service Announcement for Spring 2011

02/24/11 , Boston Globe
At the Boston Conservatory, Autistic Students Learn from Music Lessons

02/16/11 , George Washington University
GW Researchers Reveal First Autism Candidate Gene that Demonstrates Sensitivity to Sex Hormones

02/11/11 , Autism Society of America
Autism Society Applauds Legislation to Ensure Meaningful Transitions to Adulthood

02/7/11 , Washington University in St. Louis
Autistic Young Adults Missing Out on Much-needed Services

02/6/11 , Seattle Times
Washington Should Insure the Futures of Children with Autism

02/3/11 , Autism Speaks
Evaluating Change in Autism Prevalence: Change We Can Believe In?

02/3/11 , The Republican
Autistic Students to Get Lessons

02/3/11 ,
University of Michigan Will Get $22.5 Million for Role in Massive Study That Seeks Causes of Asthma, Autism, Other Child Health Concerns

02/2/11 , US News & World Report
Adults with Autism May Not Understand Others' Intentions

02/1/11 , Disability Scoop
Moral Reasoning a Struggle for Those with Autism, Study Finds

01/28/11 , Canadian Business Online
With Speaker in Support, Autism Insurance Coverage Mandate Wins Key Virginia House Vote

01/27/11 , Autism Society of America
Journal Article Reviews Literature on Mitochondrial Dysfunction in ASD

01/21/11 , University of Miami - Miller School of Medicine
Economist Revolutionizes Mapping of Genetic Pathway for Autism

01/18/11 , National Disability Rights Network
Report Finds Exploitation at Work

01/16/11 , New York Times
More Autism Schools Proposed in New Jersey

01/11/11 , Autism Society of America
Autism Society Partners with “Wretches & Jabberers” to Commemorate National Autism Awareness Month in April 2011 with Nationwide Theatrical Releases

01/10/11 ,
Study: Spacing Babies Close May Raise Autism Risk

01/8/11 , Medical News Today
Study Shows Promise For New Drug To Treat Fragile X

01/7/11 , Disability Scoop
Independent Living For People With Disabilities Gets $7.5 Million Boost

01/7/11 , Office of Autism Research Coordination
Report to Congress on Activities Related to Autism Spectrum Disorders and Other Developmental Disabilities (pdf)

01/6/11 , Colorado State University News
Colorado State University Students with Autism, Aspergers and Traumatic Brain Injury get Partnered with Other CSU Student Mentors

01/6/11 , CNN
On Autism's Cause, Researchers Just 'Scratching the Surface'

01/5/11 , Reuters
Shaky Evidence Behind Massage Therapy for Autism

01/5/11 , NPR
Journal: Study Linking Vaccine To Autism Was Fraud

01/5/11 , ABC
Court Ruling Finds Regulator Overstepped on Autism

01/5/11 , ABC
Report Linking Vaccine to Autism 'Fraudulent,' Says British Medical Journal

01/1/11 , Boston Herald
Boston Herald Op-Ed on New Year's Day from The Arc

12/30/10 , Autism Society of America
Senators Dodd and Menendez Unveil Comprehensive Legislation to Address Autism

12/28/10 , Plainfield Patch
Friend to Friend: Students Help Their Special Ed Peers Learn to Fit In

12/28/10 , Medical News Today
For Autistic Children, Early Intervention May Change Development Trajectory for Later Symptoms of Disorder

12/18/10 , Medical News Today
Study Marks The Emergence Of Disease-Modifying Treatments For Autism Spectrum Disorders

12/17/10 , Medical News Today
Clinical Trial For Rett Syndrome Launched

12/17/10 , Medical News Today
Researcher From Children's Hospital Los Angeles and USC Finds Proximity to Freeway is Associated with Autism

12/16/10 , Autism Society of America
The Arc and the Autism Society Announce Collaboration on the Autism NOW Center

12/11/10 , Medical News Today
Researchers Identify Possible Treatment For Impaired Sociability In Autism Breakthrough

12/10/10 , Medical News Today
Toddlers With Autism Show Improved Social Skills Following Targeted Intervention

12/1/10 , Institute for Community Inclusion
Vocational Rehabilitation Services Received by Youth with Autism: Are they Associated with an Employment Outcome?

11/16/10 , Philadelphia Inquirer
Children with Autism Practice Traveling on 'Mock' Flights

11/15/10 , Kennedy Krieger Institute
New Study Affirms Handwriting Problems Affect Children with Autism into the Teenage Years

11/4/10 , Autism Society of America
Easter Seals Releases Results of Living with Disabilities Study

11/3/10 , Reuters
Autism Risk Gene May Rewire Brain, U.S. Study Finds

11/1/10 , New York Times
At the Age of Peekaboo, in Therapy to Fight Autism

10/25/10 , Reuters
Autism Rates Stabilize in Wisconsin Schools

10/19/10 , Disability Scoop
Justice Department Brokers Deal To End Institutionalization

10/7/10 , Autism Society of America
Disabilities and the Workplace: A Fact Sheet

10/7/10 , Autism Society of America
New Online Resource to Support Legislation

10/7/10 , Autism Society of America
Senate Committee Passes Bill to Ease Housing Issues for People with Disabilities

10/7/10 , Medical News Today
Comprehensive Autism Treatment Center Coming To NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

10/4/10 , Medical News Today
Research Becomes A Reality For Rett Syndrome Through New Funding

09/30/10 , Disability Scoop
Special Needs Parent Centers To Receive Millions From Feds

09/30/10 , Washington University in St. Louis
Language Delays Found in Siblings of Children with Autism

09/24/10 , Autism Society of America
Autism Society Applauds U.S. House Support of the TRAIN Act

09/23/10 , Autism Society of America
New Online Community for Special-Needs Families

09/20/10 , Medical News Today
Nature Study: Discovery Of Key Pathway Interaction May Lead To Therapies That Aid Brain Growth And Repair In Children And Adults

09/20/10 , Medical News Today
NHS Failing Children With Autism: A National Autistic Society Response To The Kennedy Review, UK

09/17/10 , Medical News Today
Study Finds That Cognitive Skills In Children With Autism Vary And Improve

09/17/10 , Medical News Today
Genetic Finding Identifies Male-Linked Mutation Associated With Autism Spectrum Disorders

09/7/10 , Medical News Today
Toddlers with Autism May Fix Their Eyes on Geometric Patterns Rather than Children Playing

09/1/10 , Kennedy Krieger Institute
Infant’s Gaze May Be an Early, but Subtle, Marker for Autism Risk

08/27/10 , Medical News Today
Six-year Study Provides Documentation of Theorized Differences in Brain's Cortex in Autism Disorders

08/24/10 , Medical News Today
Researchers Connect APC Protein to Autism and Mental Retardation

08/24/10 ,
O. Ivar Lovaas, 83; Developed Method to Treat Autism

08/23/10 , Medical News Today
For Measuring and Analyzing Child Behavior, NSF Awards $10M to Develop Computing Techniques

08/23/10 ,
Seaside at Forefront of New Approach to Fragile X

08/23/10 , NPR
Autism Gives Woman an 'Alien View' of Social Brains

08/22/10 , Medical News Today
Carnegie Mellon Joins NSF Research Consortium to Develop Tools for Analyzing Autism, Other Behaviors

08/19/10 , Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University
Autism Research Finds Empirical Link Between Multisensory Integration and Autism

08/13/10 , Chicago Tribune
Bad Medicine

08/12/10 , Autism Society of America
Senate Adopts Law to Change Disability Terminology

08/12/10 , Autism Society of America
Senate Passes Equal Access to 21st Century Communications Act

08/12/10 , Autism Society of America
Health Care Institutes Team Up to Provide Guidance on Implementation of the Affordable Care Act of 2010

08/4/10 ,
Massachusetts Becomes the 23rd State to Enact Autism Insurance Reform

08/4/10 , WHDH-TV
Patrick Signs Landmark Autism Bill

08/3/10 , Medical News Today
Parents of Grown Offspring with Autism More Likely to Split Up

07/29/10 , Autism Society of America
Autism Insurance Reform Passes in New Hampshire

07/26/10 , Chicago Tribune
Product FDA Called 'Unapproved Drug' Is Popular in Autism Cases

07/21/10 , Medical News Today
Autism Detected In Unique Vocal Signature Of Baby Talk

07/19/10 , The Daily Journal
Legislation Could Give Boost to N.J. Charter Schools

07/19/10 , TIME
Is Picky Eating an Early Sign of Autism?

07/15/10 , Autism Society of America
Check Out the 2010 Autism Society Award-Winning Books

07/15/10 , Autism Speaks
AFAA Introduces National Public Policy Agenda to Improve the Quality and Availability of Services for Adults with Autism

07/12/10 , Chicago Tribune
Agency Says Selling Product Violates Law

07/9/10 , Autism Speaks
Autism Speaks Launches Dental Tool Kit to Promote Good Oral Health Care for Kids with Autism Video and Print Guides Include Useful Tips for Parents and Dental Professionals

07/1/10 , Autism Society of America
HHS Issues Health-Care Regulations Benefiting the Autism Community

06/23/10 , Washington State University Research News
WSU Researchers Find Mothers of Children with Autism Pay Price in Workplace

06/23/10 , Chicago Tribune
FDA Warns Maker of Product Used as Alternative Autism Treatment

06/22/10 , New York Times
Bill Passed in Albany to Make Insurers Pay for Autism Care

06/15/10 , Reuters
First Lady Michelle Obama Joined Parents at Camp Pendleton to Discuss Healthcare Services for Military Children With Autism

06/14/10 , Medical News Today
Genome Canada Funded Research Uncovers Key Changes In DNA In Individuals With Autism

06/9/10 , Paging Dr. Gupta - Blog
New Autism Genes Found

06/9/10 , UCLA Newsroom
DNA Scan for Familial Autism Finds Variants that Disrupt Gene Activity in Autistic Kids

06/2/10 , Medical News Today
IntegraGen Announces the Publication of the Results of a Study Assessing the Impact of a Combined Analysis of Four Genetic Variants on Autism Risk

06/1/10 , PR Newswire
Parents Play Key Role in Autism Treatment

05/26/10 , Medical News Today
Newly Discovered Gene Variants Lead To Autism And Mental Retardation

05/25/10 , Medical News Today
GMC Rules To Strike Wakefield Off Medical Register

05/20/10 , Autism Society of America
Safe & Sound Preconference Session Free for First-Response Professionals

05/20/10 , Medical News Today
No Benefits For Sleep, Attention And Bowel Function By Following Popular Autism Diet

05/19/10 , Kennedy Krieger Institute
Kennedy Krieger Researchers Find Autism Does Not Affect Family Structure

05/19/10 , Autism Society of America
U.S. Air Force Adopts Behavior Imaging® to Treat Military Service Members and Families Affected by Autism

05/14/10 , Business First
Realty Firms Team with Autistic Services

05/13/10 , Medical News Today
In Individuals with Autism, Mirror Neuron System Functions Normally

05/12/10 , MarketWatch
Recent Announcements Suggest Cellceutix Is Well Positioned With Autism Compound

05/11/10 , Dallas News
Health Care Law May Help Families with Autism Costs

05/5/10 , ABC News
More Parents Refuse or Delay Vaccinations for Kids

05/4/10 , Medical News Today
Association Between Sleep Disturbances And Behavior Problems In Children With Autism

05/4/10 , Medical News Today
Children With Autism Frequently Receive Psychotropic Medications

05/4/10 , Medical News Today
Brain Changes Associated With Fragile X Take Place Before Age Two

05/4/10 , US Department of Labor
US Labor Department Helps Employers Understand Responsibilities Under Disability Nondiscrimination Laws

05/3/10 , The Boston Globe
Patrick Signs Sweeping Antibullying Law

05/2/10 , BusinessWeek
Parents of Autistic Children Turning to Alternative Treatments

05/2/10 , Medical News Today
Secretary Sebelius Announces New Members Of The Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee

04/21/10 , TRICARE
Autism Services Demonstration Extended to March 2012

04/20/10 , The Boston Globe
Boston's Autism App

04/20/10 , Kennedy Krieger Institute
Children with Developmental Regression at Increased Risk for More Severe Autism

04/16/10 , ABC News
GI Problems and Autism Link? Experts Say No

04/12/10 , Autism Speaks
Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and Princess Al Johara Bint Faisal Al Saud Lead New Autism Awareness Initiative

04/10/10 , Medical News Today
Social Influence Playing Role In Surging Autism Diagnoses, According To Study

03/18/10 , Autism Speaks
Navigating the First 100 Days After Diagnosis

03/16/10 , Medical News Today
Pediatrics Study By Autism Consortium Shows CMA Finds More Genetic Abnormalities Than Current Tests

03/15/10 , BusinessWeek
Siblings of Kids With Autism May Be Prone to Hyperactivity

03/14/10 ,
Fire Safety Book Designed For Kids With Autism

03/11/10 , Autism Society of America
New Study Addresses Residential Options for Adults Living with Autism and Related Disorders

03/3/10 , Autism Society of America
Keeping All Students Safe Act Passes in the House

03/1/10 , WBZ TV - Boston
Parents Fight For Early Intervention Programs

02/26/10 , Newsweek
The ‘Bonding Hormone’ That Might Cure Autism

02/25/10 , Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center
New iPhone App Offers IEP Guidance

02/25/10 , Autism Society of America
Summer Abroad Program for Teens with ASD

02/19/10 , Boston Business Journal
Building Support for People with Autism

02/16/10 , UC Davis Health System
Autism's Earliest Symptoms Not Evident in Children under 6 Months

02/10/10 , NPR
Asperger's Officially Placed Inside Autism Spectrum

02/8/10 , CNN
Older Mothers' Kids Have Higher Autism Risk, Study Finds

02/3/10 , U.S. News & World Report
Mealtime a Challenge for Some With Autism

02/2/10 , CNN
Medical Journal Retracts Study Linking Autism to Vaccine

02/1/10 ,
Health-care Solutions for Special Needs Children

01/28/10 , Autism Society of America
National Council on Disability Calls for Affordable, Accessible and Appropriate Housing for People with Disabilities

01/28/10 , Autism Society of America
Leaders with Disabilities Encouraged to Apply for White House Fellows Program

01/28/10 , Autism Society of America
Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Develops Essential Programs for Escalating Population of Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders

01/25/10 , Reuters
In Tough Economic Times, NIH Head Looks to Clinic

01/22/10 , The New York Times
Dealing With the Financial Burden of Autism

01/21/10 ,
The Record: New autism safeguards

01/21/10 ,
LTE: Autism is a Healthcare Issue ... And a Growing Crisis

01/18/10 , Forbes
Heavy Metals Inc.: Doctors Pushing Chelation Therapy are a Creative, Resilient Bunch.

01/17/10 , The Chicago Tribune
OSR#1: Industrial chemical or autism treatment?

01/16/10 ,
Discrimination Laws Now Include Autism

01/15/10 , Vanderbilt Medical Center Reporter
Autism Study to Evaluate Sensory Integration Therapy

01/14/10 ,
Families Sue Los Angeles Medical Center for Cutting Autism Treatments

01/11/10 , Reuters
National Autism Center Publishes Autism Manuals for Educators

01/7/10 , PR Newswire
First Autism Treatment Center in Dallas to Provide Insurance Relief for Parents

01/6/10 , NPR
Autism ‘Clusters’ Linked to Parents' Education

01/5/10 , The Huffington Post
Autism: Looking Beyond Cause and Cure, Ford Hall Forum Video Posted

01/4/10 , Autism Speaks
Pediatrics Gastrointestinal Consensus Statement & Recommendations Provide First Step Toward Needed Guidelines for Children with Autism

12/30/09 , Autism Society of America
Report on Community College Career Services for Students with Disabilities

12/30/09 , Carnegie Mellon University
Carnegie Mellon Scientists Discover First Evidence of Brain Rewiring in Children

12/30/09 , Autism Society of America
New iPhone/iPodTouch Graphical Communication Tool for People with Autism

12/28/09 , Washington Post
Military Helps Families Find Care for Special-Needs Kids

12/28/09 , School Library Journal
San José Public Library Offers Story Times for Children with Autism and Special Needs

12/24/09 , Autism Society of America
Senate Passes Historic Health Insurance Reform

12/23/09 , United States Department of Justice
Justice Department to Participate in Community Integration Case in North Carolina

12/18/09 , Autism Society of America
U.S. Autism Prevalence Rises to 1 in 110

12/18/09 , Autism Speaks
As CDC Issues New Autism Prevalence Report, Autism Speaks Asks, "What Will It Take?" for Government to Meet the Challenge of this National Health Crisis

12/17/09 , Autism Society of America
Autism Society Applauds New Legislation to Prevent Restraint and Seclusion in Schools

12/4/09 ,
Senator Menendez Introduces Senate Legislation to Help Properly Handle Concussions in School Sports

11/23/09 , The Chicago Tribune
Autism Treatment: Science Hijacked to Support Alternative Therapies

11/23/09 , Medical News Today
Medication Plus Parent Training Improves Behavioral Problems In Children With PDD

11/23/09 ,
Speaker Roberts' Additional Measures to Help NJ Combat Nation's Highest Autism Rate Released by Assembly Panel

11/22/09 , Boston Globe
Standing Up to Bullying

11/20/09 ,
The Record: Adults with Autism

11/19/09 , Autism Society of America
Health Care Reform Update: House of Representatives

11/19/09 , Autism Society of America
U.S. Senate Introduces Legislation Using the Term "Intellectual Disability"

11/19/09 , The Wellesley Townsman
Autism Society, AMC Entertainment to host Sensory Friendly Films this November

11/18/09 , Autism Society of America
Ford Hall Forum and National Autism Center sponsor “Autism-Looking Beyond Cause and Cure”

11/18/09 , PR Newswire
PA Governor Rendell: New Report Shows Demand for Autism Services will Continue to Rise

11/15/09 , Autism Speaks
Gastrointestinal Conditions in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

11/13/09 , The Boston Herald
Survey: Bullies Prey on Autistic Kids

11/13/09 , The Chicago Tribune
Meetings will address needs of adults with autism

11/12/09 , The Huffington Post
A-List Celebs Line Up For Concert For Autism

11/12/09 , Medical News Today
Landmark Autism Law Receives Royal Sign Off, UK

11/11/09 ,
Autism Support Network and Hagar International Partner for Autism Awareness in Cambodia

11/11/09 , Medical News Today
Center For Autism And Related Disorders Study Finds Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Ineffective Treatment For Children With Autism

11/11/09 , Washington Post
Taking care of our own

11/10/09 ,
Military Families Battle Against Autism

11/10/09 , Disability Scoop
Autism Moms Have Stress Similar To Combat Soldiers

11/10/09 , Medical News Today
Washington Insurance Program May Be A National Model, Massachusetts May Expand Autism Services

11/10/09 , University of Wisconsin News (Madison)
For mothers of children with autism, the caregiving life proves stressful

11/9/09 ,
Autism Spectrum Therapies Designated Approved Service Provider for TRICARE Members

11/9/09 ,
Bill seeks coverage for autism services

11/8/09 , Autism Votes
U.S. House Passes Health Insurance Reform Bill Containing Provision for Autism Insurance Reform

11/2/09 , The New York Times
A Powerful Identity, a Vanishing Diagnosis

10/22/09 , Autism Society of America
Autism Society Launches New State Resource Pages

10/21/09 , State House News Service
Backers of Autism Treatment Call Insurance Coverage a 'Human Right'

10/19/09 , UC Davis Health System
UC Davis study finds mercury levels in children with autism and those developing typically are the same

10/13/09 , Autism Society of America
Autism Society Presents New Advocacy Handbook

10/12/09 , Gov Monitor
Autism a top priority for New Jersey, Electronic Autism Registry launches

10/9/09 , Medical News Today
Nature Publication: Genome-Wide Study Of Autism

10/8/09 , Autism Society of America
President Proclaims October 2009 as National Disability Employment Awareness Month

10/8/09 ,
Congressman Sestak Votes for National Defense Authorization Act

10/7/09 , U.S. News and World Report
Potential Pieces of Autism Puzzle Revealed: Researchers identify possible genetic links, but urge further study

10/6/09 , Newsweek
Autism Is on the Rise (Or Is It?): What to Make of the Surprising New Data

10/5/09 , Yahoo News
Op-Ed: Fight to overcome autism gets major boost, higher priority

10/2/09 , Medical News Today
Whole-Genome Sequencing In Children With Autism Funded By Stimulus Grant

10/1/09 ,
Study: More cases of autism in U.S. kids than previously realized

10/1/09 , Autism Speaks
Unprecedented National Town Hall Meeting Will Help Develop Policy Agenda for Addressing The Unique Needs Of Adults with Autism

09/30/09 , Associated Press
Obama Announces $5 Billion in Health-Research Grants

09/30/09 , Yahoo News
Obama Says $5B in Grants Will Aid Medical Research

09/23/09 , Medical News Today
Major Autism Study Focuses On Adults

08/23/09 , Boston Globe
MGH to target adult autism: $29m gift will fund specialized program

08/13/09 ,
N.J. expands coverage for autism, developmental disability therapies

07/28/09 , New York Times
VITAL SIGNS: REGIMENS; Study Finds Diet Has No Effect on Autism

06/26/09 , PR Newswire
National Autism Association Teams Up With 12 Organizations to End Abusive Restraint and Seclusion in Schools

06/25/09 , Autism Society of America
Autism Community Mourns Passing of Dr. Ted Carr

06/10/09 , Medical News Today
Earliest Possible Causes of Autism Studied By NIH Autism Center of Excellence Network

05/8/09 , USA Today
Some kids with autism can recover, study suggests