Orange Park | May Center for Adult Services (Residential Programs)

The May Center for Adult Services provides residential services to individuals with developmental disabilities. The emphasis of the program is to provide comprehensive individualized services, affording each person served the opportunity to achieve their greatest level of independence. Services are available to individuals who have secured a Florida Medicaid waiver.

Description of Services

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  • Companion Services
  • Behavior Analysis Services

    • Functional assessment of problem behaviors
    • Development of behavior support plans
    • Teach replacement behaviors and/or social skills
    • Train staff, family members, and caregivers
    • Train Behavior Assistants
  • Behavior Assistant Services

    • Trained by and work closely with Behavior Analyst
    • Works with individuals with problem behaviors
    • Works extensively on training staff, family members, caregivers on Behavior Support Plan (BSP)


Coordinator   904.269.0773
175 Industrial Loop South | Orange Park, FL 32073

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