Event Details:
Wednesday, February 15, 2017, 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Efficient FBA: Moving from Interviews to Experimental Analysis

Professional Continuing Education Seminar Series

Join us for this workshop that is part of our intermediate to advanced-level workshop series for human services and behavioral healthcare professionals working in clinical, educational, medical, and rehabilitation settings.

Cynthia M. Anderson, PhD, BCBA-D
Candice Colón-Kwedor, PhD, BCBA

Description: In this workshop we will describe the logic of functional behavior assessment and how an escalating sequence of methods of FBA can be used to identify the function of problem behavior.

We will explain the uses (and misuses) of interviews, direct observation, and functional analysis and provide decision-rules for moving from one type of assessment to the next. Emphasis will be placed on how interviews can be used to (a) develop an operational definition of problem behavior, and (b) inform the antecedent conditions under which descriptive observations should take place.

We will provide examples of how information gleaned from indirect and descriptive methods can be used to guide development of individualized functional analysis conditions and provide time for attendees to practice developing conditions given case vignettes. We will differentiate between functional analyses in which contingencies are tested in isolation and those in which contingencies are grouped (synthesized) and provide decision rules for determining when the later might be useful.

Finally, we will provide a framework for using results of the FBA to inform intervention design.

CE Credits: 2 Continuing Education Credits for BCBA and APA

Register Below. Registration is required for all who attend. Registration for this event does commit you for attendance at this CE workshop. If you need to cancel, cancellations must be received 24 hours prior to the event by e-mail to

Fee: $30 for guests; May Institute employees may attend free-of-charge. Guests can pay by check or credit card on the day of the event.

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