So What’cha What’cha Want? Teaching Children with Autism How to Make Requests

Event Details:
Thursday, June 16, 2022, 5:30pm - 6:30pm

So What’cha What’cha Want? – Teaching Children with Autism How to Make Requests

Free virtual parent training

Please join John Tolson, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA, in this virtual training as he provides families and caregivers with the basics on teaching requests.  

Teaching a child functional communication by making requests for wants and needs reduces frustration, diminishes problem behavior, and helps improve overall quality of life. This training will cover basics for teaching requests, building up language to make more complex exchanges, and teaching a child to make requests in lieu of engaging in problem behavior. There will be opportunities for questions throughout the training.  See flyer here.

Presenter: John Tolson is the Program Director of the May Center for ABA Services in Virginia (Greater Richmond and Peninsula). He is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and a Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA) in Virginia. He has worked with children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities for more than 10 years, and currently also serves as the Clinical Supervisor for the Virginia center. Read more here.

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