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Tuesday, November 15, 2016, 9:30am - 12:00pm

The State of Race in a Multicultural Society: Personal Perspectives, Historical Reflections

Open to employees and the individuals and families we serve.  REGISTER ONLINE BELOW!

This session is designed to unpack the historical realities of race in America from personal, institutional and national points of view.  Each speaker will bring their own lens to the discussion, as we discuss the best way forward for our country and our collective communities. While diversity and multiculturalism are embedded in the fabric of our America, race and its impact are themes we both celebrate and find challenging as our nation continues to search for equity and fairness for all people.

This forum will:

  • Challenge participants to think critically about the historical context of race and social justice issues in America, while focusing on current social, political and economic justice challenges;
  • Serve as a platform for further dialogue and deeper understanding of one another. We hope the discussion will inspire and encourage participants to think of ways in which they could actively seek to break down barriers in their own communities; and 
  • Help participants achieve a greater understanding of the role of social justice in defending democracy and ensuring equality in a multicultural, multiethnic, multi-religious and global society.



The Rev. Dr. Marjorie Jones is Professor of Education /Writing – Emeritus at Leslie University.  Her areas of academic focus and expertise include: Cultural Studies, Writing, History and Practice in Education, with specific emphasis on schools as learning communities and high school education; Women’s Studies; Curriculum Development: ‘Exploring Childhood’, ‘Foster Parenting: Childhood and Adolescence’, medical education curriculum(in Guyana); ‘Exploring International Humanitarian Law’.

A list of recent courses taught include: Writing Workshop; Schooling in the United States; Cultural Diversity: The African American Experience; Race and Ethnic Relations; Teaching Learning and Social Responsibility; and Meeting the Individual Needs of Diverse Populations 

Rev. Dr. Jones received her BA from Boston State College and her EdM and EdD from Harvard University’s School of Education.
Representative recent publications include: 
  • Transforming Classroom Culture (2011).  Arlene Dallalfar, Kingston-Mann, Esther and Siber, Tim (editors) New York, Palgrave Macmillan. Chp. 12 ‘Building Agency Through Writing’-Marjorie Jones; and,
  • Jones, Marjorie, ‘Framing Cultural Diversity Courses Post U.S. 2008 Presidential Election’. Human Architecture Journal of the Sociology of Self Knowledge, Vol. VIII, Issue I, Spring 2010



Paul Fernandes is a management professional with extensive experience in a broad range of corporate, private, and government environments. Areas of expertise include finance administration, performance management, systems development, and inventory management.

He has served as a Randolph Town Councilor since 2010. His prior service to the town includes 11 years as a Finance Committee member, including three years as Chair, 16 years as a Town Meeting Member, and as a Selectman from 2004 - 2009.  In his current role as Town Councilor, Mr. Fernandes serves on the Economic Development and Human Services sub-committees and is a member of the Joint Committee of the Town Council and School Committee. Mr. Fernandes’ commitment to the community goes beyond his various roles in local government.  He has participated in the Randolph Unity Network, Randolph Democratic Committee, Randolph Fair Practices Committee, Randolph Human Relations Task Force, Randolph No Place for Hate, and the South Shore Minority Business Circle. 

Other community service includes serving on the Boards of Directors of both Milton Hospital and the South Shore Stars (formerly South Shore Day Care).  Each of these organizations has a strong presence in and commitment to the Randolph community.

Mr. Fernandes holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Technology and an Associate’s Degree in Engineering from Northeastern University.

Robert Principe, SPHR
Business and Leadership Consultant and Coach
Founder and Principal, Organizational Change for Social Impact
Creator of "Clearing the Way for Value-Based Decision-Making"
Robert’s background includes a combined 13 years as a Diversity and Inclusion Manager. In that capacity, he had direct responsibility for the full scope of diversity and inclusion work including assessment of organizational climate and culture, strategic planning, management coaching, support for the professionals of color and the LGBTQ population, cultural competency development, and the design and facilitation of all diversity and inclusion training and programming.
Over the last 20 years, Robert has presented workshops and seminars at a number of national and regional conferences and professional meetings. As a consultant and coach, he has worked with a broad range of companies and organization across multiple sectors including (most recently) Aflac, Alzheimer’s Association, American Institutes for Research (AIR), Amherst Regional Public Schools, Big Sister Boston, EMC Corporation, Ferris State University, Lowell Community Public Charter School, Planned Parenthood, Rivier University, University of Denver, University of Missouri, Worcester State University, and Xerox Corporation.
Robert’s coaching/consulting model, "Clearing the Way for Value-Based Decision-Making" helps leaders figure out how to get beyond personal, professional, even organizational challenges and “roadblocks” – those situations or relationships that repeatedly produce disappointing, frustrating outcomes. A big part of the process addresses emotional health, not in isolation, but in relationship to accessing clearer thinking, better, smarter choices, and building more effective working relationships.


As a speaker, trainer, global thought leader, and business owner since 1987, Carole Copeland Thomas moderates the discussions of key issues affecting our global marketplace. She has her pulse on the issues affecting working professionals and consults with industry leaders on a regular basis. From speaking at the Federal Highway Administration, the Society for Human Resource Management, Hewlett Packard, Verizon, Cargill and, to interviewing experts around the globe, Carole knows how to analyze the dynamics of a changing marketplace.
Outreach to Worldwide Issues - Carole served as an adjunct faculty member at Bentley University for 10 years, and has spoken throughout the United States, London, England, Canada, El Salvador, Australia, South Africa, India and Kenya. She co-founded an international non-profit organization with nine other women as a result of a trip to Kenya in 2005. The group later returned to Kenya in November, 2007 for humanitarian projects and to host their first International Conference in Mombasa, Kenya.
Multicultural Symposium Series - Carole is the founder of the Multicultural Symposium Series, a multi-year conference and online initiative developed for the advancement of multicultural issues. Carole is a blogger and social media enthusiast, using various technological platforms to enhance her business development activities. 
Civic Engagement - Carole is the author of four books on diversity, multiculturalism, leadership and personal development.  She is the former chair of the North East Human Resources Association’s Diversity& Inclusion Community Forum and the current chair of the Multicultural Committee for the Greater Boston Convention and Visitors’ Bureau.
A lifetime member of the National Black MBA Association, Carole has served both as President and National Vice Chair of the Boston Chapter of the organization.

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