May Institute

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the recruitment process work?

  1. Applicants with an interest in a position at May Institute should visit our Job Opportunities page and search for a vacant position either by location or job title.
  2. The next step is to create an on line applicant profile and set up a password.
  3. Next, applicants should complete an online application and attach a resume (resume attachment is optional, but recommended). Applicants may also apply on their smart phone if it is more convenient.
  4. Once the candidate’s application (and resume, if attached) are saved in the online applicant tracking system, the applicant will receive an email confirmation. From that point, our recruiters will review the application and decide whether to recommend further action. If so, they will reach out to the candidate for a phone screen or set up an in-person interview with a hiring manager.

How long does it take to start the job once an offer is accepted?

The process from application to hire typically takes two to three weeks, depending on the position being filled. Time is required to review the applicant’s submission. Following an in-person interview, additional time is necessary to ensure that all critical background checks are completed and clear prior to scheduling a start date.

How many positions can I apply to?

Applicants may apply to as many jobs as they feel qualified to fill based on their experience, education, and interest. Applicants should go to the Careers page and access their Profile from prior applications, then select and apply for posted positions.

What if I don’t see a position that interests me?

Our applicant tracking system allows applicants to set up a “Job Agent” that will alert them with an email if/when a position they are interested in is posted.  This option can be accessed when the candidate sets up a profile in the applicant tracking system.

How will I know if a position is filled?

We make every effort to let all applicants know when a position they have applied for is filled; this typically occurs using an email from our applicant tracking system to notify all candidates.

When do health and dental benefits begin?

Health and dental benefits begin on the 61st day after employment for benefit-eligible employees (those working 20 hours or more per week).  Employees should contact their Human Resources Business Partner for details.

If my work location is not on the Randolph campus, but I need to attend New Employee Orientation, is my travel to Randolph reimbursed?

Yes, we reimburse new employees who must travel to our campus in Randolph, Mass., for one to five days of orientation if Randolph is not their work location. Mileage will be paid from their work location to Randolph and return; new employees should be careful to submit their mileage as soon as possible following orientation. Expense forms require a manager’s signature prior to being submitted.