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Transitions Young Adult Day Treatment Program

The Transitions Young Adult Day Treatment Program, located in Walpole, Mass., is a specialized program that provides dedicated, comprehensive, and effective services for the unique needs of young adults with mental health issues, aged 18 to 28.

Our staff believe in recovery and support as we help each person meet the challenges of the recovery process. We engage each person with passion and optimism, and offer inspiration. Each person is directly involved in the development and implementation of his or her treatment plan. Treatment focuses on skills training, symptom management, independent living, healthy lifestyles, and vocational/educational planning

Transitions is a fun, structured, and supportive environment, which focuses on skill building and peer support. The program encourages clients to develop and achieve short-term and long-term goals in a safe and confidential space. 

We are open Monday- Friday, 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. We accept MassHealth products and self-pay.

Since 2007, the Transitions program has helped many young adults develop healthy coping skills to enhance their daily lives.

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Transitions Program Frequently Asked Questions:

    How many members are in the program?

    It will vary. We can have as few as three members a day to as many as 15 members per day. On average, we have between six to 10 members per day.

    How long do members usually stay in the program?

    The average length of stay varies depending on your goals. We have members who have stayed for a few months and others who have stayed for a few years. We do not have a minimum or a maximum amount of time you can stay.

    What are some of the diagnoses you work with?

    We work with a variety of mental health diagnoses ranging from anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and depression to major mental illness. Additionally, we focus on supporting individuals who may also have a learning disability, cognitive impairments, or carry a diagnosis of Asperger disorder. Our program is designed to meet you where you are and help you develop coping skills to manage your symptoms. We also focus on psychoeducation and help you gain insight into your symptoms and strengths.

    Is this a substance abuse program/dual diagnosis program?

    No. This is not a substance abuse program or dual diagnosis program. We do, however, work with members who are in recovery. We ask that they receive additional support for their substance abuse issues and be engaged in active therapy.

    What kind of groups do you offer?

    We offer a variety of groups that focus on skill building, symptom management, independent living, and social skills. For a sample of our group schedule, click here.

    What does the average day look like?

    Every morning we start off with a Community Meeting. During that group, we talk about members’ moods, any support they may need, and goals they would like to work on for the day. From there, we have different groups that will address symptom management, social skills, independent living and coping skills. We have a Wrap-Up group every afternoon where members talk about and reflect upon their day and they progress they have made. For a sample of our group schedule, click here.

    How helpful are the groups?

    Members who have been most successful are the ones who participate in all groups, are open and eager to change, and consistently apply the skills that they learn into their daily lives.

    What happens when I turn 29?

    We have another day treatment program at our facility called New Beginnings. This program is for individuals ages 29+. Click here for more information about this program or to make a referral.

    What are some of the goals other group members are working towards?

    Many of our group members are interested in starting or returning to school, getting a job, or engaging in volunteer opportunities. However, we also support our members by helping them to pursue goals that fit their individual needs. If you are interested in getting your driver’s license, improving your health, or are just not sure about your goals, we will work with you to help create and support your goals.

    Will this program help me find a job or help me register for classes?

    The Positive Transitions group on Wednesday afternoons is designed for members to work on their individual goals. During that time, you can apply for jobs, register for classes, make phone calls, or work on other goals you may have.

    Will I have a specific person to work with while I’m there?

    Yes. You will have a case worker who will check in with you weekly for about 15 minutes. This case worker does not replace an individual therapist.

    What are the responsibilities of a group member and a participant of the program?

    We ask that you attended day treatment on all of your scheduled days, follow all of the group rules, and respect all of your peers, staff, and property. Group rules will be provided to you when you start the program.

    Are there opportunities for us to socialize in the program?

    Yes! In addition to our daily groups, we plan different outings throughout the year and attend vocational workshops in the area. In the past, we have taken field trips to the Museum of Science in Boston, the MIT Science Museum, and the Heritage Museum in Lexington. We also host a cookout every summer and throw a holiday party in the winter. We are located right next door to Planet Fitness and within a five-minute walk to the town center, which has restaurants, stores, parks, and the newly renovated Walpole library.

    What if I don’t feel well while I am there?

    If you are experiencing more severe symptoms, we ask that you contact your case worker during our regular hours of operation, 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. If they are not available, you can ask to get connected to another staff member. We will encourage you to try and find skills to help you cope with your symptoms. If this is not helpful, we may decide to call an ambulance to take you to the hospital where you can get more help. If you become unsafe to yourself, staff or other group members, we will call 911 immediately.

    How do I get there?

    Depending on the type of Mass Health plan you have, you may be eligible for a PT1, which will provide transportation from your house to our program and back. We are also conveniently located off the Walpole Station commuter rail and within a five-minute walk from Bus Rt 34E. Visit for schedules.

    What areas do you serve?

    We serve the greater Boston area and surrounding towns, which includes South Shore, Black Stone Valley, Neponset, River Valley, Metrowest, etc. We have had members commute from Cape Cod, Framingham, and Jamaica Plain.

    What can I do during lunch?

    Lunch break is 1 hour and 15 minutes, and you are free to go into town or eat lunch onsite. We ask that you continue to follow all group rules and respect confidentiality. We also have a fridge, microwave, and vending machines available for you to heat up lunch or buy a snack.

    What are the lunch options?

    We do not provide lunch at the program, except on days of cooking activities and special events. Downtown Walpole has a Subway, a few different pizza places, Jalapeños Mexican food, and a tavern for burgers, pasta, and wraps.

    How involved will my parents be?

    If you are your own legal guardian, you have the option of signing a release for us to be able to communicate with them. We believe in the team approach and being able to communicate with your providers and support system in order to offer you the best and most consistent care possible.

    What if I don’t want everybody to know that I’m receiving this service?

    Everyone in our program signs a confidentiality agreement prior to entering the program. Information that you share in groups stays in groups. The rule is that Transition members should not gossip about other members or talk about their group discussions outside of groups. Staff members communicate regularly with each other so we can work together as a team to help you.

    Will your staff work on a treatment team with other providers I already work with?

    Yes. We believe in the team approach and being able to communicate with your providers and support system in order to offer you the best and most consistent care possible. We will arrange and attend team meetings when needed.

    With what other resources can YAP (Young Adult Program) get me connected?

    We offer outpatient therapy, psychiatry, and another day treatment program for clients ages 29+ at our facility. For more information regarding those services, please ask us about them during the tour/intake or call (508) 660-1510 and speak to the intake coordinator about a referral.


To make a referral to our Transitions Program or to request a referral form, please contact Lisa Russell, LMHC at (508) 660-1510 x215 or at Please note, we will respond to emails within three business days from the time they are received.

If you have an emergency or need immediate assistance, please call 911 or Riverside Crisis team at 781-769-8674. 


Visit our location page here. We are conveniently located off the Walpole Station commuter rail and within a 5-minute walk from Bus Rt 34E. Visit for schedule. We also have free parking at our facility and are wheelchair accessible.