We are committed to promoting student well-being and academic achievement by creating a healthy environment in which students can adopt positive lifestyle habits. This includes a focus on quality nutrition and on physical activity.


All food and beverages served by the school adhere to nutritional guidelines set forth by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). We ensure that healthy food and snacks are available to all students.

Physical activity is integrated across curricula throughout the school day. Opportunities for physical activity include scheduled times in physical education class, in the gym, and on the playground.

The Physical Education program is individualized for each student. We teach a wide variety of sports and recreational activities with emphasis on locomotor and non-locomotor movement skills. Our sports and activities include both individual and team exercises.

Physical education instruction includes an opportunity to learn meaningful content and developmentally appropriate instruction. It is carried out in an environment that reflects respect for body size and varying skill levels.

Students in our program have access to treadmills, exercise bikes, basketballs, soccer equipment, and jump ropes. We encourage students to use this equipment on a frequent basis!

Students participate in gym class at least once per week with their classroom teachers. The school's physical therapist consults with classroom teachers as needed to provide strategies and training so that students of all mobility levels have the opportunity to participate in gym class.