May Institute

Educational Services

Meeting Individual Needs — At the May Center School, our students receive highly individualized and developmentally appropriate curriculum in all program areas – behavioral, academic, and vocational.

After assessing a child’s individual needs, our teachers develop goals and objectives that specify observable, measurable behaviors. They combine the best practices of child development, special education, speech pathology, physical and occupational therapy, and psychology.

Our staff continually evaluate and adjust each child’s program to ensure the greatest progress possible, and guide parents on the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) to help ensure the child’s continuing progress.

Promoting Language, Play, and Social Skills — We strive to provide the most meaningful environment for children to acquire and expand their language, play, and social skills. Rather than using artificial settings, staff use the natural context of play, social interactions, and daily routines to develop communication.

Classrooms have low student-teacher ratios, and our highly trained staff utilize the most effective methods of working with children with autism. Classroom activities emphasize all areas of a child’s development, including communication, language, social, school-readiness, selfcare, and play skills.