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In the midst of a pandemic, we are also living through a time of great social unrest. George Floyd’s killing brought a renewed awareness of racial inequities and injustice taking place across our nation. May Institute’s Diversity and Inclusion Council stepped up to acknowledge and respond to their colleagues' sadness and fears, questions and challenges. Understanding each other’s opinions and differences matters in the world. It matters at May.

It is the Council’s goal that May Institute becomes an exemplar of the world it envisions, where humanity mirrors goodness. It is a world filled with hope, kindness, and respect. One in which we take pride in our many faiths, races, cultures, backgrounds, orientations, and abilities.

The world is fractured. Relations are tense. More than ever, May Institute’s Diversity and Inclusion Council is determined to stay the course. Where do we go from here? Forward. We go forward together. We live it.

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Statements Released

A message from the Diversity & Inclusion Council
Today, we celebrate Juneteenth.
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Statement on Systemic Racism and Oppression
May Institute stands in solidarity with those who speak out against systemic racism and oppression.
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Living Diversity and Inclusion

Residents and Staff of Boxford Program Sew Masks with Pride, Love, and Care
“If you do a little to make someone happy, it’s often a lot to that person. And when something comes from a kind heart it’s a feeling that’s truly remarkable.” Read more.

Students Use Virtual Reality to Celebrate Dr. King’s Legacy and Share Their Dreams
May Center School students learn about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and then write and present their own "I have a dream" speech.
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Q&A: A Lesson in Understanding the Legacy of Dr. King
A conversation with Elizabeth Vargas, M.Ed., a Lead Teacher at May Center School for Brain Injury and Neurobehavioral Disorders, and a member of the D&I Council. Read more.

Beyond a Call to Action
We have inappropriately assumed that what works for some should work for all, regardless of the context. As a field, many of us have inappropriately assumed that gender and racial inequality, economic poverty, distrust in law enforcement, citizenship status, political affiliation, beliefs in Western Medicine, and so on do not factor into the behavior-change equation. These assumptions are naive and incomplete at best, and harmful at worst. Read more.

Journey to aMAYzing Manager: May's Unique Approach to Hiring and Retaining Direct Care Staff
“Employees want a company that will invest in them and in their growth and development,” says Jane Shamaly, Senior Director of Talent Management at May Institute. “When we ask job seekers what they are looking for, training and development and work/life balance top their lists. This program addresses those needs.” Read more.

In our words: A spotlight on Western Mass. adult services staff
“My work is my passion, my heart. I love to provide care, help, and offer security to others. May Institute has given me the opportunity to have a great working environment for 16 years. Working here gives me joy.” —Michaelle Joseph. Read more.

Cooking Up a Celebration
Quarterly breakfasts and an annual potluck lunch feature a smorgasbord of delectable dishes from across the world... Read more.


2019–2020 Mentorship Program Draws Nearly 40 Participants
The Mentorship Program enables employees to explore professional and educational interests and gain one-on-one advice from experienced colleagues. Read more.

WIN Members Volunteer at The Table at Father Bill’s MainSpring
The Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN), decide to follow the student's lead and experience volunteering at Father Bill's in Brockton, Mass. Read more.


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