@May During COVID

Let's Go Shopping!
“The idea for creating a store at Richie’s group home came up during a telehealth call with his neurologist,” said Brittany Roy, Assistant Director of Residential Services. Read more.


2020 May Preschool Graduation
After three months apart, the May Daycare and Preschool reunited recently for a Drive-Up Graduation and Parade for their Pre-K class! Read more.


In-home Behavioral Health Services Provide Much-needed Support
During weekly telehealth sessions, grandfathers John and Michael witness the positive impact that evidence-based therapy has on their 11-year-old grandson Zachariah. Read more.


Just Breathe... Men in May Residence Practice Yoga Among Friends
“Yoga is definitely helping them. I’m so happy that something positive is coming out of these difficult times." Read more.


Learning and Skill-building Continue During COVID-19
Even though our early learning center sites are closed, clinicians like Carlos Lorant work with children and their family members in the family’s home during regularly scheduled sessions. The case supervisor (BCBA) monitors and provides guidance via Zoom during the session. Read more.

Residents and Staff of Boxford Program Sew Masks with Pride, Love, and Care
“If you do a little to make someone happy, it’s often a lot to that person. And when something comes from a kind heart it’s a feeling that’s truly remarkable.” Read more.


COVID Crew - Three Cheers! 
Sarah explains, “It’s hard enough to be sick, without the added challenges presented to clients who are differently abled. I write this to celebrate my coworkers. Read more.


For the Love of Bears!
Bear hunting has become a popular outdoor activity for individuals of all ages during a time of social distancing. Many of the bears display messages to stay safe. These lovely acts of kindness are uniting communities; giving people a sense of comfort and hope amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more.

Beautiful Thanks from a Grateful family 
" my surprise the flowers and chocolate were from one of my students and his family for teacher appreciation week." Read more.


Heroes Work Here 
Elise Mouneimneh works at the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in Randolph, Mass. This week she drove around to all the student residences and decorated their front doors. Read more.


Such Cute Little Creatures - Stop Motion Animation Read more.


The PPE Arrived! Read more.


School Based Response Team on the Go!
These staff members report to school every day to ensure that our residential homes are supported throughout the day for any need they may have. Anytime a residential home calls for any supports, SBRT is ready to help! Read more.


Even as a Father of Two...Christos Papadopoulos 
I struggled the first few days to help students understand why we are facing abrupt life changes. But I began to use my experience in fatherhood as a part of my role in the residence. Read more.


The Easter Bunny Came!
What is a better surprise then to wake up Easter morning and find someone has dropped off goodies? Read more.


A Shout-out to Boomerang Bags Read more. 


It Takes a Village, One Great Person at a Time! Read more. 


More Silverlinings, Moments of Kindness
We feel so grateful that so many in the community have stepped up to help us. Read more.


We are So Grateful for the Masks! Read more.


Team Work Continues to Save the Day Read more.


A message to the May community from Dr. Lauren Solotar, President and CEO
As we all navigate the unfamiliar and unsettling day-to-day challenges that have accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic, we at May Institute would like to take a few moments to share heartfelt thanks, updates about our programs and services, and words of encouragement and hope. Read more.

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