A Grateful Clubhouse Member

I am grateful to Baybridge Clubhouse for supporting my education. My breakdown occurred at college years ago. I was so determined to complete my education in spite of it. I used to do my homework on the ward. When I moved to the Cape three years ago, I looked up clubhouses on the Internet and found Baybridge.

After joining the club, the first thing I learned was that there was an educational unit. It encouraged me to try again for a degree. I met James Petcoff, the staff member who became my college mentor and has inspired, encouraged, and supported me in my educational pursuits. I began attending the Wednesday night Baybridge educational dinners, which are still held weekly. This is a time to discuss educational issues with staff and members as well as to eat a good meal, cooked by another staff member who is the educational coordinator, Mary Michienzi. Mary is my advocate at Baybridge and has been another great support to me, educationally and otherwise.

I began taking one course a semester at Cape Cod Community College with Baybridge funding. The funding by Baybridge has made it possible to achieve a dream of mine which is to complete a college degree then find work in a field suited to my strengths. In addition, having Baybridge financial support for college has improved my confidence in my abilities to mingle again with other college students and to focus on schoolwork. Baybridge funds one course a semester for members who meet the qualifications.

Thanks to Baybridge, I have been able to complete eight semesters at the college. Last winter I was inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society at the college.

Baybridge Clubhouse has helped me succeed in life in many ways, including educationally. People like me rely on and are so grateful for services that help us hold our heads up high again. Thanks to Baybridge and all others who have helped me in my recovery, who have believed in me achieving my potential and helped me make that possible.

— Baybridge Clubhouse member

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