Early Intervention Makes the Difference

When May Institute began providing in-home early intervention services to 20-month-old Jeremy, he had severe behavior problems, was hurting himself and his sibling, and had no language skills. At first, we worked with Jeremy and his family in the home. Gradually, he transitioned into a preschool program, while still receiving services in the home. He continued to progress.

After a successful year of kindergarten, Jeremy started first grade, fully included with a one-to-one trained aide to support him. He progressed to the point where he no longer needed May Institute services. An entire team of people (parents, school staff, early intervention psychologists, as well as occupational, physical, speech and language specialists) have contributed to his success.

Following is a letter of thanks from Jeremy’s parents:

Hello Andrea,

I want you to know that we are forever indebted to you for the work, support and love you have given to Jeremy and our family. I am convinced that Jeremy would not be where he is today if not for the dedication and support from you. It is with great emotion that we part, and in my mind, you are responsible for bringing Jeremy from his secluded world of autism into our world. To us, you have saved his life!

Thank you for never giving up, especially when things got tough. You hung in there and strongly advocated for Jeremy's program.

Again, thanks. Words cannot express how we feel. You need to know that you are a special person. You came into our lives, saved our son and that is the greatest gift anyone can give.

With all our love,
Stephen, Donna, and Jeremy

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