Best friends and companions: meet Verna and Henry

Verna and Henry have been part of the May Institute family for 50 years combined. They are each other’s best friends and companions, and share a home with two other housemates in one of our community-based residences on Cape Cod.

Prior to coming to May, Verna lived in a nursing home and Henry in an institution. They met at a May day habilitation program, and attended the program each day together until they “retired.”

Today, their days continue to be intertwined. On most mornings, you will find the two drinking coffee together and making plans for the day. Henry, at age 93, is one of the oldest adults in our care. Primarily non-verbal, he has a friendly greeting for everyone he meets and always has a smile on his face. Henry loves holidays and, in particular, Christmas and Santa Claus.

Verna, who is preparing for her 74th birthday, is a delight. She is always dressed up, and revels in community and social outings — dinner out, going to the movies, and shopping.

Last year, May staff worked with Verna to plan a mini vacation with a friend. Not surprisingly, she chose Henry. Knowing how much he likes Christmas, she asked staff to take them to Santa’s Village in New Hampshire. It was a wonderful day, topped by a visit and photograph with Santa. Joy in the special moments.
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