Aiden’s Story

Our son, Aiden, was diagnosed in October of 2005. We were quite relieved to learn that The Bay School (TBS) was local, as we believed from the beginning that ABA was what Aiden needed. However, we had no idea how much more TBS was than “just” a school that provides empirically supported interventions for autism.

It’s a very special place. There is such devotion and caring that my husband, Jimmy, and I often catch ourselves eagerly anticipating the next school day so we can share something new and great Aiden has done with his teachers, as we know that they are going to be as excited as we are. This is the kind of emotional support that is so powerful when you are in the early stages of adjusting to the diagnosis of autism.

In this past year, Aiden has made many significant gains. He has gone from being a child who barely noticed and didn’t emotionally react to being dropped off and picked up at school to having that tearful separation reaction, but also smiling and being comforted by his teachers. He has also gone from a child who rarely made any vocalizations to saying the much anticipated “mama.”

TBS makes you feel like you are part of a very talented and genuinely caring team — the perfect antidote to the feelings of despair and isolation that can come from a diagnosis of autism. We’re amazed at how positive and hopeful we feel about Aiden’s future, as this is a striking contrast from how we felt a year ago.

Although we know there are no guarantees about how far our son will come, we have a contentment that comes from knowing that you are doing absolutely everything you can, because he is receiving the best that is out there.

Thanks for giving us this opportunity to put some of our feelings and experiences to words.

— Ginnie and Jimmy Taylor

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