Satisfaction in a Job Well Done

Joshua, a student at the Todd Fournier Center for Employment Training and Community Inclusion, works two days a week at Arbella Insurance Group in Randolph, Mass., doing data entry and filing. Rachel Azizi, his supervisor, is extremely pleased with her company’s partnership with the Fournier Center and has nothing but praise for the quality of Joshua’s work. 

When I was considering Josh for his current position, I was told that he just wanted to be given an opportunity to do a good job and to be accepted for who he is. That really hit home with me because isn’t that what we all want?

The training he received was similar to any other new hire. The only difference was that Josh’s job coach shadowed him for the first couple of weeks. She would stay nearby in case she was needed, but Josh became progressively more independent, and was soon able to complete the tasks on his own.

Josh’s job includes logging recorded statements, filing records, and various other tasks to assist our adjusters. Josh is dedicated to doing his job well and his accuracy in data entry and filing is beyond reproach. It’s a win-win situation: He is gaining work experience, and our fulltime employees can be more productive because he has eased their work load.

The opportunity to work with Josh was exactly what our department needed. Josh’s honest nature and remarkable work ethic are inspiring, and remind all of us that there is much satisfaction in a job well done. Our department looks forward to Tuesdays and Wednesdays when Josh walks through the door. His smile and “happy-to-be-here” attitude have done wonders for our staff.

—Rachel Azizi
Arbella Insurance

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Supervisor Rachel Azizi checks in with Josh, an employee at Arbella Insurance.