Markehan Littles

Markehan Littles, Program Coordinator at a group home in Florida, is a Trustees’ Fund Award winner — one of a select group of outstanding May Institute employees nominated by their colleagues to receive special recognition.

Markehan is the epitome of the kind of person you would want to have advocating for your family member. She is very involved in all aspects of the lives of the individuals in her group home, all of whom are nonverbal, have serious medical issues, and need total care.

Markehan always makes sure that each individual’s personal and medical needs are met. Not only does she make all of their doctor appointments, she also attends all appointments with them to be sure their health information is communicated clearly and effectively.

The Agency for Persons with Disabilities has said that Markehan’s home is one of the best-organized group homes they monitor. Thanks to her, it is a home in every sense of the word.

Donna Polk, Health Care Coordinator May Institute Florida Division




Contribution to the welfare of others
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