For her 86th birthday, Nancy wanted apple pie. And a new red dress.

Institutionalized since the age of 5, Nancy has had a long journey to reach this milestone. With no family members to care for her, she lived in a nursing home for many years. However, thanks to the settlement of a class action lawsuit in 2008 on behalf of disabled individuals, Nancy was able to move out of the nursing home and into a May Institute residence in a lovely community — a home she shares with three other adults with significant disabilities, and a team of staff, all of whom have become her family.

In spite of her challenges and dementia, Nancy is smiling and playful, and exudes a sense of contentment and joy. Each morning, she gives a big hug to the staff member who helps her out of bed. She gives as much as she gets. And, on this birthday, she got her apple pie and her red dress. Happy birthday, sweet Nancy.  



The quality of being worthy of honor or respect
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