At a young age, Kyle was diagnosed with autism and down syndrome. He attended public school in his community but the high staff turnover rate was disruptive to Kyle’s learning abilities. He also struggled with the lack of structure during the summer months. The school system realized they couldn’t meet Kyle’s needs and referred the family to the May Center School in West Springfield. 

Kyle's family immediately saw improvement in his behavior and educational development. They were impressed with the patience and dedication of the staff and said that Kyle learned so much while at the May Center School and became much more independent. 

After attending the May Center School for 13 years, Kyle, at age 22, moved into one of May Institute’s adult group residences and now attends a local day habilitation program. His family was thrilled that he was able to continue with May Institute. They report the transition to the residence was easy for Kyle, but more difficult for them! They are happy he is still close by and look forward to weekend visits.  

With help from May’s clinical team, Kyle continues to work on goals, like socializing with the other residents and participating in Special Olympics.

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