Anna, an avid Boston sports fan, enjoying a Red Sox game with her family

Since being diagnosed with autism at a young age, Anna has called many places home. Throughout her youth, she engaged in self-injurious and aggressive behavior, and her concerned family looked for help and services from as far away as the Netherlands to as close as her home state of Arkansas.

But it wasn’t until 2016 when the family found May Institute - or “May College” according to Anna - that everything fell into place. You see, Anna had watched her siblings leave home to enroll in college. So when she left home and headed to Randolph, Massachusetts it was, to her, like moving away to attend college.

Now a social and joyful young woman, Anna lives in a May residence and attends one of May’s day habilitation programs. Anna’s family noticed a difference in their daughter almost immediately. Today, they describe Anna as happy, more verbal, funny, and semi-independent. Anna sees “May College” as home away from home and now rarely asks, “When am I coming home?” Instead she asks, “When are you coming to visit?”

Her father attributes his daughter’s success to “the miracle of May” - solid leadership, well trained staff, and a carefully crafted, personalized behavior plan. He says, “Her life is better than it’s been since she turned 14…perhaps ever. In addition to applied behavior analysis, the May team uses empathy, patience, and love with Anna. And, she’s become a major Boston sports fan!”
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