For families of children and adults with autism and other special needs, many “firsts” are not guaranteed. Some parents simply can’t imagine their children making the progress necessary to achieve milestones that typically developing people achieve as they grow and move through life. A first dance or first job might seem as possible as a trip to the moon.

But they are possibleAnd celebrating them becomes an important part of the journey with autism and other special needs. Please join us!


Meet Merrill: First time reading a book.


Meet Rachel & Rebekah: First shopping trip.

Meet Julian: First self-advocacy.

Meet Kristen: First words.

Meet Nana: First loving words.

Meet Gabby: First time joining a group.

Meet Olivia: First time reading.

Meet TJ: First self-directed exercise.

Meet Jennifer: First verbal request, & show & tell.


Meet Patrick's Parents: First iPad request.

Meet Dr. Alice Shillingsburg.

Meet Nathan: First nuts & bolts.

Meet Abby: First job.

Meet Kate: First communication with an iPad.

Introducing a Lifetime of Firsts.