Yves (Laurie) Joseph

Yves (Laurie) Joseph

Program Coordinator
May Center for Adult Services
Eastern Mass.

Employee Spotlight Award Winner, June 2018

From Laurie's nomination: Laurie has been an example to other PCs since taking over a very medical model program. Laurie ensures that every medical appointment is maintained and the doctor’s information is forwarded to the appropriate people.

In addition to all the hard work at her program, Laurie helps run evening programs at the Randolph Day Habilitation site for all the individuals on the South Shore for Eastern Mass Division. Laurie helps organize biweekly events that include arts and craft nights, mocktail night, cooking classes and bingo. Laurie has also hosted various holiday-themed parties that all the individuals enjoy.

At this past summer's divisional cookout for all the individuals, she prepared food for the individuals that are puree and ground diets. Laurie cooked the dishes and ensured that the food was the right consistency. This was a big help to everyone that was assisting with the cookout.

On Thanksgiving Day, Laurie and another PC threw a very large dinner for any individual that did not have the opportunity to spend the holiday with their own families. Laurie prepped, cooked, served and cleaned up after the party. Laurie is always on the lookout for anything that will make the lives of the individuals better!

"I am extremely surprised that I was chosen for this quarter. Working at the May has opened me up to new ways of problem solving and interacting with our individuals. I have the privilege to work with some of the most creative people to make a home and life for the population we serve. Winning this award, shows that all the effort that is put in (believe me, this is not easy) has not gone unnoticed and a little pat on the back is all you need some times to keep putting in that same effort. Thank you so much. I am beyond thrilled to have been nominated."
— Laurie
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