Veronica DelToro, 2013 Trustees’ Fund Awardee

Veronica DelToro, 2013 Trustees’ Fund Awardee

Teacher Assistant/Adapted Physical Education Teacher
May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities
Woburn, Mass.

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Veronica serves a dual role at our program as a Teacher Assistant and Adapted Physical Education Teacher. She is an exemplary employee: punctual, reliable, hardworking, and dedicated. Her paperwork is always timely and completed accurately. She is well organized, and a model for her peers in numerous areas. Because of her comprehensive set of skills, Veronica has helped train staff as they are learning to work with the students as well as with graphing. 

She works across all the classrooms and does so with ease. She can adapt her teaching and interaction strategies to match any age group and functioning level. Veronica is one of the most versatile employees in Woburn because of this ability, and one of the most requested ones as well. 

Veronica has the capability to recognize issues as they come up in the classrooms, whether these issues are behavioral-, academic-, or paperworkrelated. She works hard with classroom teachers as well as appropriate administrators to solve and rectify the problem. 

She will be the first one to implement the new strategies and train others on the appropriate implementation. Any task she is given will be completed ahead of schedule and with perfect accuracy and detail. 

Veronica is always available to help out at special events for the school during her free time. Whether designing and making posters for an event, selling raffle tickets at Carnival, coordinating and managing gross motor activities for WinterFest, or riding in the Rodman Ride, she always there to support the school in any way she can. 

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